Things moving on their own in India

A most disturbing thing which has been observed is that things are moving of their own accord in India at this given moment of time. Whenever one switches on news channels or browses through newspapers, one gets the impression that we in India are somewhere in the middle of an overall collapse; governance as well as moral.

When things start moving of their own, without any ruling dispensation or the government doing anything then it could certainly suggest a collapse; Kaliyuga? The imbalance has alarmingly shifted in favor of the “Tamas” or Destructive forces.

When such an unnatural shift occurs, there is bound to be a movement from the other two forces; the Satvik and Rajas [Creative and Protective] to rectify the imbalance. These opposing forces, act through agents of change or people opposed to the “Tamas Gunis”; the Destructive people. This sets in motion an irreversible chain of events; a bloody conflict to reverse the domination of the Tamas Gunis.

Corruption and Graft in India slowly and steadily increased to such an extent that now the entire nation is engulfed by it. However unlike the past it is now getting exposed. To give an example a few year back, no one knew that there was a Comptroller and Auditor General who audited the government accounts; now the same body has exposed the government time and again. There will always be others, previously unheard off, who will stand and try to arrest the decay.

The prophecy of Nostradamus, on the cries from the enslaved population, growing louder and louder as the misdeeds get exposed and made public; appears well on its way towards fulfilment.

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