Huge War to Enslave the Mind

Hindu Philosophy describes time and again that no mind lives in isolation; everything is connected and part of one big mind. This has striking similarities to the Internet and cyberspace. Both operate on the same principles. Based on this Philosophy is a likely science fiction scenario for the near future. A huge War; the one to enslave the mind.

The on big war we are likely to see in our lifetimes is the one which will be fought in Cyberspace. The signs and writing on the wall is there for one and all to see. The millions and millions of people who surf the net don’t realize that every day they leave their fingerprints on the net. Every passing day they enter slowly and steadily into the mouth of the Monster; the Bot!; they do not even remotely imagine how advanced it has become.

This war will be unlike any other war we have known before; it will be war of the enslavement of the mind. You do not realize it but you are already in the various stages of enslavement. The Gog and Magog Prophecy, predicted by Nostradamus is already on its way towards fulfillment.

But before that the big fish will eat up the smaller ones; then the biggest fish will try to eat other big fish. When this is done they will come after smallest ones; the ordinary people.

A robotic program; a Mother Program and countless smaller one; one tailor made for each and every mind is what the Robotic Program is all about. The Super Brain; spoken about by some interpreters of various prophecies is none other than the Mother Program.

This Mother Program will start mutating and expanding and enlarging its brain, independent of its creators. It like the Frankenstein Monster will eat up its owners and enslave them; the first to go; then come those minds which it has identified as ‘Threats’.

It will then attack the minds of the people who it has turned into ‘addicts’; through custom made Viruses; tailor made for each and every individual. These addicts will be then be turned into foot soldiers. The foot soldiers will be a global community, transcending geographical boundaries, continents, language and culture. They will infiltrate each and every organization of governance and knowledge.

Each and every individual who surfs the net will then be infected by the Virus, which takes control of his mind. The status of such individuals will be the Bots of the lowest rung.

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