Nostradamus - The Man of Blood

Nostradamus foresaw a “Man of Blood” who will challenge the two greatest powers of the day. Like with most Nostradamus Prophecies, the term represents a kind of code; an anagram, which hides the identity of this person. Could this man be “THE THIRD ANTICHRIST”; the one said to trigger off  the coming World War 3.

CENTURY 2 – 89
“One day the two great leaders will be friends, Their great power will have increased: The new land will be at the peak of it powers, To the man of blood the number recounted.”

One of the two great leaders is certain to be the President of USA; described in this prophecy as the “new land”. As pointed out in earlier posts, America as a nation did not exist in the times of Nostradamus, so this is surely a description of USA, like how “new city” represents New York City.

USA has now been at the peak of its powers for a long time now; how long this peak is going to last is not clear. Like with everything else what goes up has to come down; even the greatest of powers.

A generally acceptable interpretation of this prophecy will be that there is a grand alliance between the USA and probably Russia; a kind of pact or treaty. This alliance make the Man of Blood feel severly threatened and hence he is left with no option but to make a preemptive attack.

It is tempting to link this with the North Korean threats; in the wake of the South Korean and US military moves. However it is not wise to jump to conclusions; but one thing appears certain  World War 3  will come when you least except it to.

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