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Mantra to make People Favourable

This is a variation of a Jain Mantra which is chanted to make all people like you and become favourable towards you. The Muni who gave me this mantra has pointed out that the word "Pai" is inserted in this mantra to make it more potent. But as with Jain Mantras, purity as prescribed in Jainism has to be religiously followed while practicing this mantra.

The prescribed number of chants is 1 Rosary or 108 times daily in the morning; for as many days as you wish. The letter ण given here has to be pronounced like न; but with a more nasal tone.

This mantra works the same way like a mantra for attraction.

A Jain Mantra to make everyone favourable
Mantra to make People Favourable

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Dear Neel Sir,
    I would like to know if this mantra can help bring my husband back, who is only seeking divorce for not major reasons and is far distance. Please let me know asap.

    1. You could give it a try, it does make people favourable towards the practitioner.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I wish to know do we have to keep in mind the particular person while chanting the mantra or we need to take name?

    Amit Ranat

    1. it is sufficient to know in your mind who your are chanting the Mantra for, there is no need to take the name of that person.

    2. Dear Sir,
      Thanks for your reply. What is the minimum days to start showing effect?

      Amit Ranat

  4. hi Neel,
    The hindi 'double matra on P' is normally pronounced Pae..... but you mentioned that 'Pai' is inserted to make it more potent...

    Kindly clarify ... if we are supposed to pronounce Pae or Pai- (with regards to double matra on P)..

    Would appreciate as pronunciation are very important in Mantra chanting...Thanks.. k

  5. It depends upon your original accent.
    In Hindi it is Pai as in Paisa

  6. Hi Sir,

    Can you please describe the below line in detail.
    So that I can start with this mantra right away.

    "purity as prescribed in jainism has to be relogiously followed while practicing this mantra".

  7. Hi Sir,

    Can you please explain the below line in detail.

    "Purity as prescribed in Jainism has to be religiously followed while practicing this mantra".

    Does this mean the food and all that Jains follows?


    1. Yes, that includes the food habits of the Jains.

  8. Guruji, is it sidhdanam or siddhanam? Thank you sir

  9. Neel Ji..My Name is Chintan
    Meri ek Friend hai uska naam Anjana hai...Woh Delhi mein rehti hai...Main use bahut pasand aur usko respect karta hoon woh bhi mujhe kaafi pasand karti hai aur respect karti hai...Aur woh kaafi attractive hai, achhi baatein karti hai, helping nature wali hai, kaafi hard working hai...all over main kahoon she is a great human being.
    But iske isi nature ke wajah se mujhe inse pyaar ho gaya... Problem yeh hai that she is 17 Years older than me !! Aur main unse kaafi attract ho gaya hoon...I love her a lot..Meri koi khas desire nahi hai I mean to say maine usse hamesha ek acche insaan ke roop mein dekha hai mera uske prati koi galat soch nahi hai...Main uski bahut izzat karta hoon...Haan uski thodi buri aadat kabhi kabhi woh meri baaton ko ignore kar deti, ya kabhi kabhi neglect kar deti hai par woh baat sunti hai but kaafi der se...So main chahta hoon ki woh Meri baaton ko kabhi nazarandaaz na kare meri baat sune chahe woh kisi aur ki sunne ya sunne but sabse pehle woh meri hi baat maane. So I need some solution/mantra for this...
    Please Sir Help Me !

  10. Neel sir can we chant it for more malas like 11

    1. The recommended number is given, if chanted from the bottom of the heart that should be sufficient.

    2. Sir this is a general attraction mantra or can we also attract specific individual by kepping her kn mind

  11. i have to chant this mantra to how many days approximately for how many days


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