Astrology remedy for mental peace

This is an astrological remedy for getting mental peace. If one goes strictly by astrology, Moon is the planet, normally associated with mental peace and bliss. If the Moon is positioned in a malefic house or if there is an adverse transit, then the native finds that peace of mind is hard to come by. Domestic quarrels, delay in money matter and lack of success are other indications of a malefic Moon.

Now the remedy – On any Sunday, while going to bed take some raw milk [unboiled] in a Silver or Steel glass. Then keep the glass of milk near your head and go to sleep. The glass should not be covered with any sort of lid.

Then the next day in the morning take that glass of milk and offer it to a Babul Tree [Acacia nilotica]. Then go back to your home without glancing back over your shoulder. While practicing this remedy one should not chant any kind of Mantra or Stotra.

This remedy has to be practiced only once; if you get the desired results, you can repeat it whenever your mental peace is disturbed.

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  1. Hi Sir, If we can't find Babul Tree then can be offer milk to any other tree cuz which country I live there is no Babul Tree . Thanks

  2. Replies
    1. No this paranormal remedy only indicated the Babul Tree.

  3. Hello Sir My name is Shubh,please give me a remedy for saturn mars conjunction on 8th house and moon and ketu on 11th house gtahan yog. my Date of birth is 19/3/1982 , 4:12 am dhanu rashi. kumbh lagna

  4. Sir i want the remedy to throw someone out from your life if he is troubling you

  5. sir m apni ek pbm s kafi dukhi hu meri pbm y h ki m kisi b traf badi jaldi atract ho jati hu is wajah s meri life m kafi presani aa rahi h mera already ek acha boyfrnd h wo m ko har trah s mtlb suport krta h pr m use b hrt krne s nahi darti hu jab b koi(ladka) meri trf dosti ka ya pray ka hath bdata h to m apna sab kuch bhul jati hu apni life mata pita or us ladke ko b bus us time wahi mere dimag p havy hota h or m khud ko rok nahi pati hu in sabse pr sath m mera dil mere ko kehta h ki m galat kar rahi hu pr m khud ko sambhal nahi pati hu.. KYA ISKE LIYE Ko uppay h koi remedy ya kuch or wqt is presani k chalte mere ghr m b pbm creat ho gyi h...plz help me out if u can...

    1. sir y mere usi boy frnd ki id h meri id nahi h to m iski hlp le rahi hu plz meri pbm short out krne ka koi trika btao..or ha m jis wqt aisa hota h to short term memory lose kitrah ho jati hu..

    2. You should decide you will stop this kind of behavior.
      Then follow this post by Neelji -
      Practice the given mantra as prescribed to develop will power and self-confidence with Divine help.
      You should always feel and know the Divine is with you.

  6. Dear Neel sir,
    1) in these type of remedies,in which there is a caution of not looking back,it is always advised to throw/leave the instrument at that place. In this case , can we take back the glass back to home ?
    2) is brand new glass has to be taken every time , if want to repeat every month OR glass normally being used in kitchen can be used every time ?
    3) since the glass has to be taken to babool tree on foot, in order that milk may not splash out while in transit, can we keep the level 3/4 of glass ?
    4) should the time of offering to kikar tree be after sunrise on Monday or Braham mahurat of Monday ?
    5) while offering, should the milk fall near the trunk or on the trunk?

    Sir, it is humbly requested that please take some time out of your busy schedule for my cause. Thankyou Sir

    1. Just offer the Milk in the glass to the Babool tree early in the morning any time after Sunrise on Monday.
      There is no need to keep the glass, which can be used again for any other purpose.

  7. Thanks a lot , sir but I could not get what yourself want to clarify in second Para of reply. Should the glass be used again and again ie can we bring it back ?

    1. The glass can be brought back home and used for any other purpose.

  8. Sir, can glass be replaced with some other utensil like small kalash , in order that milk milk should not splash out while in transit. Sir, if it is possible, kindly reply by evening, so that I can plan for the remedy tonight. Thanks a lot Sir

    1. Yes, you can easily replace the glass with a Kalash or any other vessel for practising this remedy.

  9. Thanks for your timely advice. I had performed the remedy yesterday night and concluded today.

  10. sir,my name is meghana my date of birth is 03/09/1987 birth place is secunderabad Timing 2.46 A.M iam having many problems iam not having mental peace many financial troubles please suggest me any remedy to get rid of my problems


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