Shiv Leela Amrit to remove problems

Those who are troubled and suffering from a variety of problem and there seems to be no end to their problems can read the Shiv Leela Amrit 16 times. The Shiv Leela Amrit consists of 16 chapters and it is the experience of many that successful completion of this Vidhi remove all problems including ones related to black magic, evil eye and monetary and health problems.

After completion of the 16 readings, one has to do Udhyapan Vidhi. Udhyapan Vidhi is the conclusion of lengthy Sadhanas or Fasts. One has to perform a Pooja and offer traditional food along with sweet items to the deity; in this case Shiva. Along with this inviting Brahmins, friends and relatives has also been recommended. However it is not essential to perform this Vidhi on a large scale, one can do it as per ones financial position; the only thing which matters is devotion.

The Shiv Manas Pooja can also be chanted for 18 days, if you are unable to perform the above Sadhana. Along with this one can light Dhoop and Beal Leaves while reading the Stotra. Then you have to collect the Udhi [the leftover ash of the Dhoop]. The Bael leaves should also be collected and stored till they have dried up, and then they have to be powdered. The Udhi and the Bael leaves should be mixed and kept in an envelope and kept either in your pocket, purse or home; this acts as a beneficial talisman.

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  1. Sir i m just getting shiv leela amrit 11 adhyay.
    Is der any book wer shiv leela amrit all 16 chapter i can get.
    Please Suggest me if any.
    And is There is any specfic day or time when this as to perform.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I too have the same question please. I can't find the Shiv Leela Amrit (16 Chapters). I did try and search enough but simply just can't find it anywhere.

    Can you please upload the same on the site or provide a link here please?

    Your kind help will truly be very much appreciated.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pained Believer.

  3. Found Shivleela Amrit but it shows 15 chapters.


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