Charm to increase Virility and Potency in men

A special and unique charm to increase virility, potency, desire and libido in men is being given here in the post today. Two unique ways of using this charm have been given; both the methods given are said to be useful in increasing strength, stamina, vitality and the desire for making love; in men.

The first method used, is to prepare this Yantra on a Bhojpatra; written with the paste of Gorochana; using a pointed wooden stick. Then the Yantra is stitched in a cloth amulet [Tabeez] and tied with a string around the waist; before the actual love making act.

The second method is to write the Yantra on a piece of coal; using any kind of ink. Then this piece of coal is kept immersed overnight in milk. In the morning it is removed from the milk. Then it is powdered and mixed in Wheat Dough and a Roti is prepared from this coal mixed Dough. It is said that whichever man eats this Dough, experiences an increase in the desire and potency for making love.

Indian Voodoo Charm to increase Virility and Potency in men
Charm to increase Virility and Potency in men

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