Vastu Shanti Yantra

The traditional Indian science of Vastu Shastra prescribes that that your dwelling, whether a tiny apartment or a palatial bungalow; must always have positive vibrations and energies circulating in and around it. A Yantra is amongst one of such remedies prescribed by the practitioners of Vastu Shastra.

In these times of high price rise and inflation India is experiencing, conducting expensive rituals like Vastu Shanti is not for every one. This site has in the past published numerous cost effective measures to keep your home vibrating with positive vibrations. This simple Yantra which is given here has to be prepared on a thick copper square and kept in the Pooja Place or fixed to the main door of the house.

This simple Vastu Shanti Yantra acts like a protective charm and is said to keep harmful and negative vibes out of your home and usher in all that is positive. The Yantra vibrates to the numerological vale of the numbers 4, 5 and 9; totaling 18 from all side; which adds up to 9.

Vastu Shanti Yantra for Prosperous House
Vastu Shanti Yantra

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  1. All vertical lines are not adding the total of 18 please again and confirm me so that i can go ahead in making this yantra.

    1. I have given the value of the Yantra as 18 which is correct even if the all vertical lines do not tally it does not mater

  2. Thanks for your answer Sir,
    And can we make this yantra on blank paper if we do not get thick copper?


  3. Dear Sir,
    Is it advisable to make this Yantra on Paper with any kind of ink?


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