Simple Laxmi Puja at home

The most auspicious time of the day to worship Laxmi; the Goddess of wealth and plenty is at dusk. The Muhurat for Laxmi Pujan, during Diwali also commences in the evening; when almost all Hindus in India and the world over worship her so that the coming year might be one of prosperity and abundance.

There is also a most simple way of worshiping Laxmi at home by women. Every Friday evening at dusk, she should keep her ring, mangalsutra, necklace or what ever jewellery she has in a thali and worship it by offerings of flowers, sandal wood powder, agarbatti and lighting a Diya of pure ghee. Some sweets must be offered as Prasad; which should after the Pooja be distributed to all members of the house.

She should then conclude the Puja by reciting an Aarti of Laxmi. Some of the more popular ones are given here - Aartis, Aartis Marathi.

If there is no jewellery in the house then some money should be kept in the thali.

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