Sun Worship for domestic peace

Sun worship; Surya Upasana is considered to be most potent for all kinds of problems; the healing rays of the Sun are said to wash away most problems in life. A couple of simple; yet effective remedies for domestic peace and harmony; especially between husband and wife is given here. These remedies are easy to practice, so no harm in trying them out.

Early in the morning after having a bath throw some sugar in the direction of the rising Sun; this can be done by both men and women.

Ladies should apply some Kunkum and rice grains on a red flower and throw it in the direction of the rising Sun..

Likewise feeding sugar to black ants is also considered auspicious as the Punya of Annadan is gained.

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  1. dont use word throw...used word offer...why to throw?? and that to on lord sun...isse to bhagya chamkega nhi balki..aur bigadega....

  2. My Birth date 08 07 1988 time 02 AM Bangalore. We want to sell a barren land property which is on my mom and dad name but facing lot of obstacles. Please tel me powerful remedy to sell the property.


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