Paranormal Remedies for Eye-Defects

I get a lot of requests from readers for remedies and mantras to cure and control eye-defects. The eye is the organ which gives light to our lives. Hence I can understand your anxiety and distress if you suffer from eye-defects; especially which have the potential of causing partial or total blindness.

What I am giving in this post are the popular paranormal remedies, prescribed by Indian practitioners. You can try any of these remedies if you have faith in ancient Indian religious practices.

Reading the AADITAYA HRIDAYA STOTRA has been recommended. This is a prayer in praise of the Sun and the Sun according to astrological traditions play a vital role in the preservation of eye-sight.

Offering water to a Shivling and then applying it on the eyes has a soothing effect; and the blessings of Shiva

Astrological remedies also prescribe donations of a cow, gold, copper, moong dal to a needy person.

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