Genetics to help mating tendencies

Our mating tendencies to become loyal to a preferred mate had of course evolved quite helpful for keeping human couples joined long united, to then helpfully stably better raise fresh descendants to adulthood, ready then to start producing and raising their own fresh genetically inheriting new young before long. So those finding the best natural genetics for such helpful tendencies knew this should help families succeed better and nicely continue, generation after generation.

We should expect in this century that continuing studies of natural human genetic varieties will find some causing wanted extra good sexual responses. It should then be expected that once selected gene versions can be easily safely replaced into maturing sources for adult sperms and ova, and then for embryos, then this will be offered to people. But unlike any genetically altered impure human "moderns", (progressively improved and genetically advanced ever more beyond any natural humans), good well enjoyed natural sexual responses can also be given for some new young kept as 100% pure human natural genetic varieties. This would cleanly avoid opposition from foes very hateful against any alterations stepping outside of existing human natural genetic varieties.

Enjoyed sex depends on adult developed responses. Genetic studies of human varieties should be expected to discover some fine details resulting in some of the best repeatedly very enjoyable responses which many adults will love gaining from sexually playing with a fondly beloved mate. Many will agree, why not have some of the best natural genetics for this also included for their new young?

Much of our adult sexy responses depends upon having extra well developed matured brain sections which transform sensed touches over sexy places into very pleasing strongly enjoyed responses, (thanks in part to exploiting the good pleasure intensifying dopamine internally produced then in the brain). This had of course all been well evolved into us to help keep humans one of the best continuing evolved primate species. Great responses from this makes reproductive sex keep humans being a continuing expanding dominant species, about to expand into space settlements this century, such as into enjoyable orbiting Fullball worlds, having nice relaxed enjoyable fractional weights in easy living homes, nicely robotically extra well served.

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