Try this for excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be caused due to a number of factors including; less than the required amount of blood in the body, hereditary heart ailments, high blood pressure and excess fat. The perspiration may be restricted to some body parts, like the face and the armpits or all over the body.

Though normally not harmful, it causes discomfort and embarrassments as one starts sweating due to no conceivable reason; which the onlookers could interpret as fright, nervousness or tension.

If suffering from excess sweating you can always try the couple of simple traditional Indian remedies I have given here. I hope you find them useful and your perspiration is controlled.

Mix Barley flour; Jau ka Atta in Hindi with Coconut Oil and then massage your body with this paste; preferably an hour before bath or at bedtime.

Make a paste of Wheat flour, Mustard Oil and Ginger Powder and apply it over the parts which are normally prone to perspiration.

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