Attraction Mantra using mud from rat hole

This is an Akarshan or Attraction Mantra which make the use of the mud from a rat hole; a place where a rat or mouse is normally seen to inhabit. This is among the strange Attraction Mantra Sadhanas and I am sure the reader will find it interesting reading.

This small 6 letter mantra has to be chanted 10.000 times to get mastery. Then to use it one has to take some mud from a rat hole and put it in Mustard Oil. Then this Oil mixed mud has to be taken with a dry hand and the mantra has to be chanted 3 times. Then on whom so evers clothes you sprinkle some of this mud will come under you spell and become attracted towards you.

A word of caution though; all this is knowledge for information purposes as said time and again. If something goes wrong don’t blame me.

Hindu Occult Attraction Mantra using mud from rat hole
Attraction Mantra using mud from rat hole

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