Finding Mates in the Future

Our body forms and organs, and all their functions and cellular biochemistry details, are determined by the chromosome genetics starting a baby. That determines more than our health. E.g., that's what made and has kept humans so successfully intelligent, mentally greatly superior over any other Earth life . (Genetics of course also affects mobility, adult maturing appearances, disease resistance, helpful social animal teamed joinings, etc.)

As more better humans benefit from the best found existing (pure) human genetic varieties, then as they mature, most may like exchanging outlooks on various topics, posted into growing regional secure contact networks of ever more such fine new humans. This can let them find not just exceptional friends, but ultimately also a possible future extra compatable mate, (much better than just some nearby school class mates like in past centuries). Recent new young, having some of the best genetics selected from past humans, should grow most interested in finding exceptionally compatable minds from growing numbers of such genetically (still totally pure human) very good recent young.

Unlike humans before the present century, now for finding nicely close minded best friends, or even a possible future mate, new genetically excellent humans will be little concerned with attractive appearances, since most all members of their special secure networks should mature very attractively quite beautiful or handsome. Thus for a possible future desired mate, it will instead primarily be having exceptionally compatable thinking minds and extra close good attitudes which will determine who might become best to select, to live happily mated with, over their very healthy good long adult lives.

Each growing secure network of such new genetically nicely refined good purely human young adults would let members scan posted attitudes and outlooks and interests, such as if wanting to find some who could become possible best future friends, or who could even ultimately become preferred as some potential mating choice. They could then very safely contact each other, using safely secure network emails, conveniently exchanging ever more thoughts on many subjects of interest. No need then to spend time trying to go visit so many within such a network. No need yet to even know the true identities of any in the cautiously protective secret network, nor to know yet any of their home addresses.

This is a guest post. Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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