Muscular Males in Future

Genetics experts should be expected to become ever better at deciphering ever more human natural developmental varieties. Then many parents would like getting exchanged into their sperm or ovum sources for developing very good embryos, the best from existing safe natural human genetic varieties, good for longer healthier happy living, plus features which should develop new cuter young, then more attractive later matured adults, to become helpful for winning happy desired long lasting very enjoyable marriages, good for perpetuating their family chain of descendants.

Women are our most important sex exclusively able to produce and give birth to new infants. Males had some genetic varieties making them more interesting as possible mates. Being bigger and strongly more muscular, (if not too assertively and forcefully dictatorial), might gain for them more attraction from possible future mates. In part this hinted they could be better for needed tedious laboring tasks, such as in the past raising food or successfully hunting or butchering animals to be cooked, or laboring daily to earn needed salaries, also to acquire a good enough home, then to save much useful for after retiring.

Also bigger and more strongly muscular could suggest they might be better defenders for their wives and children against possible future outside intruders. Also, if their genetics had caused them to develop with bigger more prominent better stimulating reproductive organs, this might be attractively noticed. (In fact, for this purpose, a few had occasionally worn some faking padding inside their underpants.) Also clitoris size and response intensity is determined by developmental genetics, and thus could also be selected as seems best from past natural human genetic varieties.

More and more adults may be expected to want to let their new young benefit from the best found genes selected from natural varieties being discovered in pure human genetics, for several good types of maturing developments. These may well also include some of our best discovered sexual responses.

Our sexy responses differ over different body places. It seems likely that places such as breasts, not responding as richly from fond caressing, can have matured responses given selected past genetics found to produce the best natural responses here. This will likely be well enjoyed by a number of future fond loving couples. Also some can now genetically escape any bad breast pain such as mastalgia. And possibly natural genetics can also be found producing sometimes a bit pleasureful sensitivity over the male upper chest?

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