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Which Mantra to Chant on New Years Day

The countdown for the New Year has started and in a few hours time we will be entering 2019. A lot of people, including the regular readers of this site will be searching for a best, appropriate, effective and most powerful Mantra to start the New Year on a positive and auspicious note.

Mantra to get Super Intuition Powers

Sadhaks and readers today,  I will share with all of you, a very rare Sadhana which is extremely powerful and effective for getting the power of intuition. Post By a Regular Reader.  After practicing this Sadhana , if you will think about any work you will get beforehand information about that work in your mind and get a clear mental picture of the future events, you will also sometimes know about future events.

Daily Miracle Mantra for All Problems

In this post, I have written about a Miraculous or Chamatkari 7 Akshara or 7 Letters Beej Mantra, which has to be chanted just 5 times daily in order to successfully complete all your work, tasks and other essential daily activities. This chanting of this simple but most effective daily wish fulfillment Mantra takes hardly a minute or so to complete.

Yantra to Divide Enemy and his Servants

In this post, I have described a Videshan Yantra for dividing or seperating an enemy and his servants, subordinates or gang or group members. This Videshan Yantra, which is also called as the Swami and Shishya Videshan Yantra is also used to divide a Guru and his Disciple, an Employer and his Employee or any other person, including a Householder from his Servant.

Vashikaran for Strengthening Love and Attraction

The use of Vashikaran Remedies, like Yantras, Mantras and Totke is not only restricted to the attraction of any desired lover or life partner, but also in a positive way to strengthen the marital or love relations between a couple who are bored and have lost the spark and excitement that was once present in their love life.

Kayakalp Sadhana for Health and Beauty

This article, Sadhaks and readers is very important not only for girls and females, but everyone, including men and boys. For the first time here I am giving you all an effective Shatpushpa Kayakalp Sadhana,  which is very beneficial for the health of the body and for increasing beauty – Post By a Sadhak, 

Most Simple Remedy to Stop Black Magic Entering Home

In this post, I have described a most simple and easy to prepare and use Yantra Remedy to stop any kind of black magic from entering your home. This numerical charm is said to pre-empt and ward-off any kind of Jade Tona, Kiya Karaya or any other Voodoo Spell originating from your enemies, rivals, competitors or any evil spell caster, Aghori Tantrik or Bhagat from entering your house.

Extremely rare and very powerful Prosperity Packet

Sadhaks and dear readers if anyone is facing any sort of problem in life and if the work or tasks in which you are involved are not going well or as per expectations then if you do this very small remedy or Totka you will get very good results. - Post By a Sadhak. 

Information on Very Rare Yantras

Sadhaks and dear readers today,  I will share with you all the information on some very rare and unknown Yantras, which are never heard of and are extremely extremely powerful and work very efficiently, but the science of making these Yantras is lost, but there are still a lot of rare items and Yantras, Mantras Sadhanas etc available with some Guru Parampargat Sadhaks- Post By a Regular Reader.

Dream or Real Experience of Hanuman

In this post, I have described the possible interpretation about a dream abut Hanuman. Even, though, I get numerous mails regarding all kinds of dreams, I have decided to publish this mail regarding a dream about Hanuman because I find that it is unlike most dreams about Hindu and other Gods and Goddesses.

Powerful Magnetic Effect and Charismatic Personality Mantra

Today a most powerful Sammohan Mantra is being posted by a learned Sadhak  for the benefit of all the readers of this site. From some time in the past some persons who were coming to me to learn Sadhanas are posting the Prayogs, which they have taken from me under different names and also in my name. - Post by a Regular Reader. 

Remedies to Protect Infants from Malevolent Gaze

Many mothers are worried that their child might be the victim of Buri Nazar or the Evil Gaze of an unfriendly person. In this post, I have described 2 of the simplest Totke or Paranormal Remedies for protecting infants and very small children from the Evil Eye.

Tantra to Gain Siddhi over Shabar Mantras

In this post, I have described a special Tantra to gain Siddhi over any Shabar Mantra, if you have been unable or unsuccessful in gaining Siddhi over a Desired Shabar Mantra, including Vashikaran, Mohini, Maran, Stambhan or any other kind of Shabar Mantra.

Totka to Prevent Business Sabotage

In this post, I have described a very simple paranormal remedy or Totka for business persons who are fearful that they may be cheated and harmed by some unscrupulous elements by supplying then with stolen or counterfeit goods or trap them by hiding drugs or any other kind of banned narcotic substances in their shops of business premises.

Water or Pani Peene Se Vashikaran

Vashikaran by water or Pani Se Vashikaran is one of the most popular and famous of the Vashikaran Totke practiced for binding any man or woman under a spell for any kind of motive. In this post, I have written about a simple but most powerful Pani Peekar Vash Karne Ka Totka or a Vashikaran Mantra Remedy to drink Vashikaran Mantra Infused Water in order to bind the desired target.

Powerful Vashikaran of Anyone without Mantra

In this post, I have described a most effective breathing exercise, which is said to be helpful in putting a powerful Vashikaran Love Spell upon any desired man or woman for whatever motive you have in you mind, including love, marriage, friendship or for any other purpose. This Vashikaran Remedy does not need the use of any Vashikaran Mantra, Yantra, Puja or any other Tantra.

Effects of Kleem and other Vashikaran Mantras

The Arrow of the God of Love Kamdeva or Kaam Baan has a deeper five fold meaning or symbolism, which should be kept in mind by the practitioners of the Kleem Beej Mantra and other Love and Attraction Mantras of Kamdev and also other enchantment spells, like Vashikaran Mantras and Mohini Mantras.

Simple Exorcism By Water Ritual

In this post, I have described the simplest method of exorcising a person who is believed to be affected by dangerous evil energies, like ghosts, spirits and demons. This simple exorcism ritual does not need any kind of Mantra or Prarthana Chanting and can be practiced by anyone to give relief to a person who is believed to be possessed by any kind of negative energy, evil eye or black magic spells.

The Most Powerful Mantra in the Whole Universe

Over the past many years,, many regular readers of our site have time and again asked me the following questions—Which is the most powerful Hindu Mantra in the Universe? Or Which is the most powerful Mantra Chant in the World? There is no single correct answer to this question and the answers given by most Saints, Yogis and Gurus will never to able to satisfy everyone.

Good Luck Attraction Yantra for Ladies

In this post, I have described the method of making and using a special Good Luck Yantra for Ladies. This Good Fortune or Success Attraction Charm for women is also called as a Stri Sobhagya Karak or Kamla Yantra in the Hindi language and is considered to attract all kinds auspiciousness.

Vashikaran By Writing Name of Lady

Vashikaran By writing the name of the desired lady  or man on the hand or a piece of paper or any other object, like a lime is increasingly becoming more and more popular among the followers of Vashikaran Tantra. In the Hindi language, this type of Vashikaran Yantra is called as the Naam Likhkar Manchahe Stri Ya Purush Ko Vash Karne Ka Yantra.

Answering Oracle Yantra to Predict Future

The Yantra described in this post works like an answering oracle and can answers any questions you have in mind, including questions related to love, gain of money and wealth, fame and health. This magical charm is most accurate and gives the correct answers, provided you have the ability to concentrate for a couple of minutes.