Remedies to Protect Infants from Malevolent Gaze

Many mothers are worried that their child might be the victim of Buri Nazar or the Evil Gaze of an unfriendly person. In this post, I have described 2 of the simplest Totke or Paranormal Remedies for protecting infants and very small children from the Evil Eye.

As pointed out in many earlier post, the origin of the Evil Eye is most of the times from the intense thoughts emitted by a person who is not a well wisher of the infant or its family. The malefic thoughts of this person are most of the times unintentionally transferred into the body and surroundings of the target.

There are 2 very simple Totke given below, which give the same result, which is to protect the infant from the Malevolent Gaze of the kinds of people mentioned above. The practitioner can practice any one of the 2 Malevolent Gaze Protection Remedies or even both of them, if so desired.

Tone and Totke to Protect Infants from Malevolent Gaze

The first Totka should be practiced by the mother of the infant who believes that her child is likely to be affected by the Malevolent Gaze of someone.

This Totka should be practiced when the infant wakes up in the morning. The mother should put her finger into the mouth of the child and remove a little bit of the spit from the child’s mouth and apply that spit on the forehead, stomach and the feet of the child.

This simple Totka is said to protect and keep the infant safe and secure from the Malevolent Gaze.

Another traditional paranormal remedy practiced in India to protect an infant from the ill-effects of the Evil Eye is as follows.

1] This Totka has to be practiced for 5 day continuously and it can be practiced by the mother of the infant or any other well wisher of the infant.

2] The practitioner should take a lime sized round piece of Gehun Ka Atta or Ball of Wheat Dough as it is called in the English language and rotate it 5 times in a Dakshin Vart or Clockwise direction over the body of the infant.

3] Then, the Ball of Wheat Dough should be kept immersed in a bowl of Sarson Ka Tel or Mustard Oil.

4] The same procedure should be followed for 5 days and on the fifth day all the Ball of Wheat Dough and Mustard Oil should be collectively fed to a dog.

This Totka is also said to protect and safe guard the infant from the Buri Nazar of any unfriendly person.

Note- Numerous Tone, Totke, Upay and all kinds of remedies for protection and exorcism of the Evil Eye can be seen in the various section of this site, including the section on- Protection Mantras and Exorcism Rituals


  1. Thanks sir. Can we do the spit one on everyday basis as a preventive measure?

  2. २२ दिसंबर को दत्त पूर्णिमा है .इस दिन अन्नपूर्णा जयन्ती भी है .

    1. Yes sir... Tomorrow is dutt poornima. Kindly guide us the simplest and easy things which we can do. I hope my question is not too late.


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