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Hanuman Mehga Mantra to Control Rains

This is a Shabar Hanuman Megha Mantra, the meaning of Megha in Hindi means clouds and hence this is a Hanuman Mantra for controlling the clouds and rainfall. In the post, below, I have described the Siddhi Sadhana and method of performing this experiment to start and stop rainfall. However, as indicated several times in earlier posts success in such most powerful Hindu Mantra Experiments is achieved by only the most advanced of Mantra Yogis.

Padmavati Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

Padmavati is a very important deity in the Jain religion, she is said to be the favored deity of Parshvanatha, the 23rd Tirthankara. She is also classified as a Yakshini and there are numerous references to the Padmavati Yakshini in the ancient scriptures. She is said to symbolize snakes and is commonly associated with the accumulation of money and wealth. There are numerous Jain Mantra Sadhanas of all kinds, especially for getting money and finances dedicated to the Padmavati Yakshini; the one published in this post is based upon the information sent by Kapil Pramanik.

Rudraksha Water Therapy for Blurred Eyesight

In this post, I have described a very simple Rudraksha water therapy for getting relief from blurred vision and burning eyes. Such eyesight related problems are most common especially in people who have to look continuously at computer screens due to their professions or those habited to looking at computer and smart phone screens due to addiction to computer games.  Such habits are harmful for the eyesight in the long term and this Rudraksha Beads healing therapy is said to prevent long-term damage to eyesight.

Sarva Sreshta Mantra of Mahalaxmi

This is considered to one of the best and most potent or a Sarva Sreshta Mantra of Mahalaxmi, which was given by none other than the Goddess of Wealth herself to the Sage Vashisht. This Mantra is very effective in invoking the blessings of Laxmi Mata and in resolving issues related to wealth , money and finance. The description of the Laxmi Mantra Experiment and the simple Siddhi or Mastery Procedure is explained below by Ashok Mehta.

Green Trees in Vastu Shastra for Removing Bad Energy

The Indian science of home architecture or Vastu Shastra considers green trees and plants to be very effective in repulsing bad and malefic vibrations from entering and circulating inside the house and creating a negative atmosphere. Green trees are specially recommended as a very simple and easy to practise remedy for laypersons who do not wish, do not have the time or cannot afford to perform other Vastu Dosha removal remedies.

Mantras for 15 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha

In this post, I have written about specific Mantras to purify and energize 15 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha or 15 Faced to 21 Faceted Rudraksha Beads before wearing them on the body or keeping them in the Puja Place. There numerous different Mantras and Hindu deities attributed to these Rudrakshas, however the Mantras and deities  given by me in this post are in my opinion best suited for the Rudraksha beads mentioned above.

The Mythical Magical Nagamani

There are repeated references in many ancient Hindu religious scriptures about the Nagamani or the Magical Pearl, Gem, Moti or Mani, which is found on the head of the King of Snakes or Nagraja Vasuki. The Snake, which is coiled like a garland around the neck of Shiva, is none other than Vasuki, who is also immortalized as the one who was the churning rope during the Sagar Manthan or the Churning of the Ocean to separate the Amrita or the Divine Nectar of Immortality. It is also indicated in these texts that Vasuki was blessed with the Nagamani by Shiva for his devotion and his role in the epic Sagar Manthan.

Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan Anushthaan

Ashok Mehta has written this post on the Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan Anushthaan to readers of this site. This Anushthaan is done for getting rid of enemies, Sade Sati, Grah Dosh, many other pressing, difficult problems, and difficulties. Many a times it may happen that due to bad planetary influences a person may only be facing failures in life. During such times, Bajrang Baan and Hanuman Chalisa should be recited. Everyone is well versed with Hanuman Chalisa but not many know about Bajrang Baan. Bajrang means Lord Hanuman and Baan means his Arrow. Which together means that Lord Hanuman's Baan, which is bound to hit the target and nothing, can stop it.

Mantra to Invoke Vichitra Yakshini

The Vichitra Yakshini is described in the Tantra as being attractive, bewitching, enchanting, fascinating and glamorous, the word Vichitra in Hindi means strange, weird, mystical or odd; I have found no satisfactory explanation for the reason behind calling this Yakshini who is mentioned as being one of the 36 main Yakshinis as Vichitra. The Mantra Experiment for invoking the Vichatra Yakshini and the Siddhi Sadhana described below has been provided by Kapil Pramanik in the Hindi language, which, I have translated into English.

Most Powerful Hanuman Mantra in the World

This is a Hanuman Mantra Sadhana sent by Ashok Mehta who practises the Mantra Experiment, which he has described in this post as the Most Powerful Hanuman Mantra Sadhana in the World. By Ashok Mehta I am regular reader of your website and love the work you are doing. I am giving the Most Powerful Hanuman Mantra Sadhana in the World for success in life, victory over enemies, getting rid of Tantra Badha and almost anything. Such is the power of this Hanuman Mantra that even the impossible will become possible after gaining Siddhi in this Mantra Sadhana.

Mantra for Astral Travel in Time and Space

The Sulochana Yakshini, is one of the 36 Main Yakshinis mentioned in the Yakshini Tantra, she is said to be the one endowed with beautiful eyes. The Sulochana Yakshini is said to be the one who has the specific mystical powers to grant the one who manages to successfully invoke her  with the superhuman  paranormal and magical ability to magical powers to fly or travel through time and space, known in the Hindi language as Samay Aur Antriksha Me Safar Ki Jadui Shakti.  This special paranormal ability can also be taken to be the Power of Astral Travel or Projection at Will.

Bhagavad Gita Mantra to Purify Shop or House

In this post, I have explained a simple Bhagavad Gita Mantra Sloka Remedy to Exorcise and Purify a Shop, Office, Business Place or a House of negative and harmful energies, bad and dangerous vibrations and any other type of unseen malefic ghostly or paranormal energy. Shuddhikaran remedy can be easily performed by any person, including a layperson who believes that his premises have been invaded by the regressive energies and vibrations mentioned above.

The Magical Pearl From the Sky

Some ancient Hindu religious scriptures describe a most powerful kind of Tantric Pearl, which is said to come from the Akash Loka [The Skies].  This Pearl is called in these ancient texts as the Mega Mukta or the Aakash Mukta. Mukta is the Sanskrit word for a Pearl.  This Pearl is said to enter the Earth from the sky along with the rains, hence it has also been called as the Megha Mukta or Mani, Megha being the Sanskrit word for Rain.

Maha Indrajaal Mantra for Heavenly Pleasures

This is a very interesting Mantra Sadhana of the Bala Yakshini , which has be sent by Kapil Pramanick taken from the ancient Indian Magical Scripture, the Mahaindrajaal, which contains some of the most rare. Magical and powerful Tantric Mantra Experiments of all kinds.  The Mantra Prayoga of the Bala Yakshini is said to enable the practitioner to live for a thousand years and enjoy all the pleasures and delights of Heaven on Earth.

Rudraksha Therapy for Healing Infected Wounds

In this post, I have a described a special Rudraksha Beads healing therapy, which is practiced in some quarters of India in order to heal and treat infected wounds.  In the context of this post, the term-infected wound includes all those wounds, which are infected by maggots and worms, fungus and bacteria, burn wounds, post surgical wounds, wounds from insect bites and wounds, which are rotting due to these infections.

Significance of Famous Hanuman Mantra

This is a reply to  the letter published below, sent by a Reader giving some interesting information and significance about a very popular and famous Hanuman Mantra, which was published on this site a few years back. This Hanuman Mantra and the accompanying Tantra as mentioned in that particular post is a most powerful Hanuman Mantra Experiment to resolve any kind of problem, no matter how difficult, related to the job or employment and legal difficulties.  That post can be seen here- Hanuman Workplace Problems Mantra .

Durga Shankh Mantra for Success

The Devi or Durga Shankha is a sacred conch shell, which has importance in Shakti Sadhana, especially in the worship of the Navadurga or the Nine Forms of the Divine Mother. The Devi Shankh is normally found in Kailash Mansarovar and the coastal areas of Sri Lanka.  In this post, I have described a special Mantra Experiment to purify and install the Durga Shankh in the home for resolution of all kinds of problems , including money and health with the blessings of Durga Mata.

Real Meaning of Ong Guru Dev Namo Mantra

Many Sadhaks, mostly from Western Countries who are practicing any form of Kundalini Stimulation are in the habit of chanting the Mantra - Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo || - ओंग नमो गुरु देव नमो ||, which is one of the most famous and popular of the Kundalini Awakening Mantras.  This Mantra is usually chanted a few times before the commencement of the Kundalini Meditation in order to invoke the Guru or Teacher Within.

Manipushpak Shankh Mantra for Money

The Manipushpak Shankh is yellowish in color, its mouth is fully opened and it has a fine or thin shell. The ancient Hindu religious scriptures, including the Mahabharata, say that this was the Shankh of Sahadeva, the youngest of the Five Pandavas. This conch shell is extremely rare to find and most of those conch shells sold in the market are either artificial copies or fakes of the Manipushpak Shankh. In this post, I have described a rare and unique Mantra Remedy to attract and increase money [ Laxmi Vriddhi Aur Akarshan ] using the magical paranormal properties of the Manipushpak Shankh.

Prophecy of Do or Die Battle in India

This is a guest post by Shri Rajendra Iyer on the rapidly changing political situation in India and the disastrous consequences of the inability or lack of courage to act decisively and strike the blows, which matter. Do the Stars foretell an Aar Paar Ki Ladai or Do or Die Battle in India between the supporters and opponents of Hinduism?  Things are certainly moving rapidly in that direction and a major strife appears inevitable unless the allegedly Pro-Hindu Modi Government blinks first and capitulates before the relentless and multi front attacks mounted upon it by the opponents of Hinduism .

Dakshinavarti Shankh Mantra For Success

For the benefit of those readers having in their possession a genuine Dakshinavarti or Laxmi Shankh, I have described in this post a very simple Sarva Karya Siddhi or All Task Fulfilling Dakshinavarti Shankh Mantra Experiment, which is very easy to practise to get success in any kind of purpose, including business, money, job, education, love, marriage, health, exorcism and black magic.

Position of Wearing Rudraksha and Health

The Rudraksha Beads are normally worn on the body around the neck, the upper arms, the wrist and the waist. Each of these positions for wearing the Rudraksha Beads on the body has its own significance and benefits. Apart from the immense paranormal benefits attributed to the Rudraksha, it also has a healing effect on the body and actively aids in curing many health disorders   and diseases. In this post, I have described the health benefits of wearing the Rudraksha in each of the four positions mentioned above.

Vedic Mantra for Excellence in Studies and Sports

This ancient Hindu Sanskrit verse originates from the Vedic Hymn from the sacred Yajurveda, Sri Rudram Chamakam, which is dedicated to Shiva as the Sri Rudra.  The Verse is a selection or a part taken from a larger verse. This Vedic Mantra is said to be especially beneficial and auspicious for sports persons, students or those engaged in any kind of research or scholarly pursuit for making their future bright be excelling in studies or sports.

Mantra to Purify and Install Ganesh Shankh

In this post, I have described a Ganesh Mantra to energize and install the Ganesh Shankha in the house for getting Laxmi Kripa, all round prosperity, money, property, happiness, abundance, peace and eradication of debts, enemies, evil energies and obstacles. The Ganesh Shankha is a rare conch shell, which has the shape of Ganesha. The shape of Lambodar Ganapati is visible on all the sides or angles of the Ganesh Shankha, which is why this conch shell has been named after Ganesha.

Mantras and Prayers For Eclipses

There will be a Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan on the 9th of March 2016 around the time of Sunrise, which will be visible in some regions of the world, including certain parts of India for periods ranging from a few minutes to a little over an hour.  As always, there are a lot of recommendations, dos and don’ts for the Grahan Kaal period. Normally on an average, there are likely to be four Eclipses in a year, but there have been a few years here and there where the average has been exceeded.

Peepal Leaf Remedy For Money

In this post today, I have explained the special procedure to perform a simple paranormal remedy for making money, which uses the Peepal Patta or a Leaf of the Sacred Fig Tree as a Lucky Charm. This simple and easy to understand Indian Totka, which is popularly called in the Hindi language as the Laxmi Prapti Aur Dhan Varsha  Ke Saral Ya Achook Upay can be performed by any person who is in need of extra  money.

Importance and Benefits of Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivaratri, the Great Night of Shiva, which is one of the most auspicious of the Hindu Tithis and festivals and unarguably the most auspicious Sacred Day for the worship of Shiva, falls today on the 7th of March 2016.  This day is said to be especially beneficial and important for those Sadhakas who wish to embark upon any kind of Mantra, Yantra or Tantra Prayoga, including Aghor Panth Sadhana and Experiments, especially those connected to Shiva.

Simple Paranormal Remedy to Recover Lent Money

I get regular dosage of mail from people who have lent money to a friend, relative, job colleague, business associate and that person is refusing or intentionally avoiding to pay back the loan.  In this post, I have described a really very simple to perform Indian Paranormal Remedy to recover the bad or difficult to recover debt. This remedy is known in the Hindi language as the Khoya/ Dube Dhan/Paisa ko Wapas Pane Ka Upay. Even though in the past, I have written about numerous remedies for the same purpose, I am still writing about this remedy because, I find it very interesting.

Eight Tests to Know if Pearl is Real

In this post, I have described eight methods to ascertain and find out if a Pearl [Moti in the Hindi language] is genuine and not an imitation . These methods to examine the genuineness of a Pearl and know for yourself if it is real and authentic are based upon the writings of an ancient version of the ancient India Science of Gemstones and Gemology, the Ratna Shastra.

Benefits and Importance of Panchajanya Shankh

The Panchajanya Shankh is probably the most famous of the Hindu sacred conch shells as it is said be extremely dear to Bhagwan Shri Krishna.  Most people will have come across Hindu Mythological paintings and statues of Shri Krishna blowing the Panchajanya Shankh to herald in the Great War of the Mahabharata. The Panchajanya Shankh and its origin have been described in detail in the Srimad Bhagavata Purana. In this post, I have described the paranormal importance and benefits of keeping the Panchajanya Shankh in the home according to Vastu Shastra .

Mantra to Destroy Clan of Enemy

This is a most Tamsik and Aghori Mantra Experiment to Destroy the Clan of Enemy, including his family and progeny. At the outset, I would like to mention that this is among those Hindu Aghor Panth Mantras, which can only be successfully implemented by Sadhus and Tantriks of the Aghor Panth who have mastered the Maran Tantra . Hence, I see no harm in writing about this Mantra for the benefit of those interested in learning about ancient Hindu Voodoo and Occult practices.

Mantra For Depositing Money in Banks

In this post, I will describe a very interesting remedy for money growth, which is simple and easy to practice. This remedy, which involves a simple yet most powerful Laxmi Mantra has to be chanted while Depositing Money in Banks. This is an extremely beneficial Mantra for Laxmi Kripa or getting the blessings of Laxmi Mata to not only safeguard and secure your money but also to make it grow and become prosperous, rich and wealthy.

Moti Shankh for Money and Healing Mantra

The Moti Shankh is another one of the Tantric Conch Shells, which are believed to possess certain specific paranormal and healing properties. The Moti Shankh, like its name, Moti or Pearl is roundish, whitish and shinning and is said to be dear to Laxmi Mata, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Plenty. In this post, I have explained how to purify and energize the Moti Shankh and use it for obtaining Sukh Samridhi [Prosperity and Abundance], resolution of legal and court related matters, success in business and promotion in employment.