Maha Indrajaal Mantra for Heavenly Pleasures

This is a very interesting Mantra Sadhana of the Bala Yakshini , which has be sent by Kapil Pramanick taken from the ancient Indian Magical Scripture, the Mahaindrajaal, which contains some of the most rare. Magical and powerful Tantric Mantra Experiments of all kinds.  The Mantra Prayoga of the Bala Yakshini is said to enable the practitioner to live for a thousand years and enjoy all the pleasures and delights of Heaven on Earth.

The Bala Yakshini is said to the Shakti form of Chandrama or the Moon. The Mantra Sadhana of the Bala Yakshini is said to give the most miraculous results as she is said to a Goddess of the highest class.

The Mantra Sadhana is performed by sitting on top of a Peak of a Mountain and chanting the Mantra given in this post 100,000 times in order to gain Mastery over the Bala Yakshini Mantra.

The Bala Yakshini is then invoked on the day of Puranmashi [Full Moon] by lighting a Ghee Diya [Lamp filled with Clarified Butter] and sitting before it and chanting the Mantra throughout the night.

Then when the Devi appears before the Sadhaka, the Sadhaka should offer Argya of Raktchandana and address her thus “Become my wife”. The Devi then becomes the wife of the Sadhaka and gives him Bhog [All Kinds of Thrills and Pleasure, including Physical] and Divya Rasayan [Magical Items], which enable the Sadhaka to live for 1000  years.

The Bala Yakshini is the fruits of the worship of many great Sadhakas, Yogis and Yugpurush who have lived in the Caves of the Himalayas for hundreds of years and enjoyed Heavenly Pleasures on Earth.

Hindi text sent by Kapil Pramanick
Bidhi- Bala yakshini (Chandrama) ki shakti swarupini hai. Yeah atyant vismaykari evam sabse Uttam koti ki devi hai.

Iski sadhna parvat sikhar par baithkar ki jati hai. Ukt mantra ek lakh jaap karne se sidhdhi prapt hoti

Purnmasa me din ghee ka Deepak jaalakar raatbhar jaap karne par yeh devi prasanna hoti hai.

Jab devi aaye to use rakt-chandan she Argya dena chahiye. Us samay sadhak ko yeah kehna chahiye ki 'tum hamari bharya ban jao.' Tab woh uski bharya bankar bhog tatha Divya rasayan pradan karti hai. Isse sadhak ek haazar barsh(years) tak jeevet rehta hai.

Yeh devi Bade-Bade yug-purush evam mahan sadhako ki aradhya hai.

Himalay ki gufao me aaj bhi saikro aise sadhak jiveet hai jo nitya swarg sukh ka bhog karta hai.

Om Shreem Shasidevyagch-Gch Swaha ||
ॐ श्रीं शसिदेव्यागछ-गछ स्वाहा ||


  1. Is sadhana ko ghar me kar sakte hai?

  2. Is sadhana ko ghar me kar sakte hai?

    1. The recommendation given in the Yakshini Tantra are published in the post and should be followed if you wish to perform this Mantra Sadhana.

  3. Neel ji,
    I plan on performing this sadhana.Should I sit on the very top of the mountain peak? What if it is inaccessible? should I find a mountain whose peak is accessible?

    And,on Puranmashi,should I invoke her while sitting on the mountain peak?

    Also,once the sadhana succedes and Bala yakshini becomes my wife,will she materialize? or will she provide pleasures by bringing beautiful women into my life?

    Please give me your advice,
    Awaiting your reply.

    1. Mountain Peak means somewhere on the top of a mountain, the rest of the procedure is exactly as mentioned in the article.

    2. Just one more doubt Neel ji.

      In the urvashi mantra,you mentioned that once you call an apsara to be your wife,and if your spiritual level is low,that she will possess the body of a young woman and come to you.

      Will it be the same with this yakshini? Will it be a problem if I lust after other women (even in thought) if I make her my wife? Will it displease or anger her?

      And,neel ji there is no mention of whether we should sit on the mountain top or anywhere,when we invoke the yakshini on puranmashi.

      I wish to perform this sadhana with full sincerity and that is why I'm asking so many questions.

      Please provide me guidance neel ji.

    3. Before commencing any kind of Sadhana, you should be absolutely clear in your mind as to what you aspire for, then only go ahead.

  4. Shashi devi is an apsara.

    The mantra i think is for invoking apsara

    1. Correct, This does not seem like Bala Yakshini Mantra.. (Dont meant to offend anyone here)

  5. Neel ji,can I ask her to manifest as my sister? And bring me beautiful girls,wealth,guide me etc

    I'm sorry for asking the same type of questions sir,I just need clarification since this is my first sadhana.

    Thanking you for your time
    Awaiting your reply

    1. That, in my opinion could not be possible, it has to the wife and not sister.

    2. Vishwakarma Sir if u succeed in doing this kindly reply me on my waiting for ur reply Happy Navratri all

  6. Given mantra is of Shashi Devi Apsara not of Bala yakshini. Whosoever has sent this mantra is clearly misguiding or is not aware about what he is sending.

    If "HREEM" mantra instead of "SHREEM" is used in this mantra; it bring faster results as "HREEM" is called the heart of apsaras. Thus "HREEM" mantra is used in very secretive tantrik process in apsara sadhanas, which is known as "Apsara Hridaya Keelan" prayog that guarantees for 100% success in any apsara or yakshini sadhana.

    Secondly, most important fact about Bala yakshini is that she is menifested for spiritual upliftment not for pleasure. She is the divinest form of Goddess Maa Parvati. Don't even dare to menifest her for pleasure.



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