Monday, June 30, 2014

Indian Sexual Remedies

Sexual Medicine has always been a part of traditional Indian Medicine and many unique remedies for resolving all kinds of ailments and conditions related to this subject have been and are still being practiced in India. These remedies, including, the home remedies, make the use of various herbs, fruits, spices, minerals and other such ingredients, having Medicinal and Curative properties.

Some of these remedies originate from the prescriptions given in the ancient Indian Tantric and Ayurveda Texts. The topic of Sex and Sexual relationships was never a taboo in ancient India as it is in some quarters at the present moment to time, where even the subject of Sex Education in schools is generating an intense debate.

This site has always been publishing such unique traditional remedies, including home and Ayurveda remedies for resolving ailments and conditions relating to Sexual dysfunction, including  low sperm count, frigidity, male impotence, erectile dysfunction, male and female arousal, fear, lack of interest and desire and other disorders relating to the Sexual function in men and women.

However, readers should keep in mind that these remedies on Sexual dysfunction malfunction and disorders have been published only for educational purposes to give information on ancient Indian practices and not to advocate the use of the same or as a replacement for any ongoing Medical treatment.

Given below is a selection of some of these Indian Sexual Remedies. You can also browse this site for more remedies, including paranormal remedies on the same subject.

Home remedy to improve sexual health
Simple Remedy to sexually attract your husband
Home Remedy to increase Sexual Poweress
Home remedy for Sexual Poweress and Vitality
Home remedy to increase Libido in men
Try this remedy to regain lost Libido
Traditional Indian remedies for impotence
Interesting home remedy for Impotence
Home remedy for low sperm count
Remedy for impotence and low sperm count
Simple Home Remedy for Sexual Strength
Paranormal Tantra for Premature Ejaculation
Indian Herbal Home Remedy for Impotence
Banyan Epiphytic Remedy to Regain Sex Power
Totka for Husbands of Unsatisfied Wives
Sperm Count Strengthening Yantra
Health Remedies using Gorochana
Paranormal Remedy for Freedom from Wife Domination
Mantra to Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Simple Magical Remedy to Appease Angry Lover
Indian Home Remedies for Nocturnal Emmission

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  1. एक श्लोक प्रस्तुत है.पाठक कृपया किसी संस्कृत ग्‍य से अर्थ जान लें--
    किमत्र चित्रम यदि वज्र्पर्णी वचाश्वगंधा जलशूकचूर्ण म
    अन्तर्विदग्धम नवनीत मिश्रम करोति .मेढ्रम गजमेढ्र तुल्यम . .


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