Paranormal Remedy for Freedom from Wife Domination

This is an very interesting paranormal remedy to free a person trapped under the domination of his wife. In this Hindi language this remedy is called as Pati Ko Patni Ke Varchasya Mukt Karne Ka Upay. This remedy, which is simple to practice is suitable for freeing a passive man from the domination of a very aggressive, cruel and ruthless wife or even freeing a man from the clutches of Femdom.

Even though Femdom is less common than Male Domination, it still exists in most societies. Some men have a psychological disorder which gives them pleasure from Femdom. If sexual pleasure is not connected to the domination of the man by his wife, then it could mean that the wife takes great pleasure and satisfaction in insulting, abusing,  degrading, humiliating and even beating her submissive husband.

This remedy cannot by practiced by the submissive husband himself for freedom from the problems faced by him, but by any of his relatives, friends or well-wishers without the knowledge and consent of the submissive husband.

Paranormal Remedy for Freedom from Wife Domination using wheat and nutmeg

The remedy can be practiced on any day at night while the submissive man is fast asleep by following the procedure given below by me.

1 Nutmeg [Jaiphal]  and a fistful of wheat grains [Gehun Ke Dane] have to be taken in both the fists and 5 Parikrama or rotations have to be performed around the bed of the sleeping husband.

Then, the wheat grains and nutmeg have to be kept on the trunk or a branch of a Peepal Tree[sacred fig tree in English].

Notes- This is a onetime remedy and it does not involve any kind of Mantra Chanting, religious ritual or form of worship. All that has to be done is described above in this post.

The remedy is part of the Indian Paranormal Branch of Voodoo Spells- Tone-Totke and Upay, which are practiced for resolving all kinds of problems and obstacles. 


  1. Neel sir
    Need ur help from ur past article

    The rest of 4099 yantras all together we have to put in 1 wheat flour or individual 4099 wheat flour(oooooooooooooo) small balls and then we have to immersed in flowing water body like a river kindly correct my doubt sir desperately waiting for ur reply

  2. What to do if husband is dominant to wife n harassment to her...what I do to put my husband as do what I tell..

    1. इस साइट पर कुछ अच्छे वशीकरण मन्त्र दिए हुए हैं .दि. 1 -9 -2010 को प्रकाशित गणेश वशीकरण मन्त्र देखें .
      सात्विक मन्त्र है ,प्रयोग कर सकती हैं .

  3. My husband is under great control and spell of my mother in law in every way. Please tell me the remedy to free him from her spell and attracted to me.. my married life is under great trouble because of that.


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