Skull Worship and Human Sacrifice in India

Skull worship or Khopdi Sadhana is one of the most favored of the Tantric Rituals practiced by Aghori Tantriks in India. Some of these fearsome Sadhanas for Atma Raksha or self-protection from ghosts and other invisible malefic beings and also for getting beforehand knowledge of the things to occur in the future could have originated from the possibly extinct Kapalikas sect.

It is the belief that the soul of the person still lives in or frequents the Skull.

In the time of the Kapalikas, the Skulls of people who died as a result of violent actions, suffering or suddenly were preferred rather than the Skulls of those who died peacefully of old age.

This could possibly be because the souls of those who departed unexpectedly and violently were Atrupt or unsatisfied and frequented their Skulls.

One such authentic account of Skull worship is as follows-
1] The Skulls[all human skulls] are lined up and offered a meal of Poha[puffed rice], fried Dal’s like Urad, Masoor, Rajma etc, Desi Daru[country liquor], Gravies etc. The Offering or Naivedya for each Skull is kept in a separate Thali in-front of each Skull.

2] Then, a Bali or sacrifice of a living being like a goat, chicken or any other available animal is performed by slaughtering it with a large and sharp knife. The Bali in the past used to be a Narbali or human sacrifice, during the present times also there are numerous report of Narbalis being performed in secrecy in Tamas Guni Tantric Sadhanas.

3] The pieces of the raw flesh of the Bali are offered to each of the Skulls as Naivedya.

4] This energizes the Skulls and the Aghori Sadhu can expect their protection from any Atrupt Atma or other ghostly beings who would try to disrupt the Sadhana and prevent the Aghori Sadhu from successfully performing the Havan.

5] After, the Sadhana, the Skulls are bathed and cleaned in a mixture of curds, honey, milk and clarified butter.

The act of worshiping the Skulls, offering them Naivedya and bathing and cleaning by the Aghora Sadhu is a way of placating and appeasing the souls and in return the souls protect the Sadhu and inform him of the events which will occur in the future.

Needless to say that these Aghora Sadhus have the experience of years and years of the most severe penances and are capable of conversing and dealing with souls. These Aghora Sadhu are mostly Shakti Sadhaks and life long dedicated worshipers of Kali Mata.

Fools and idiots who try to attempt this Sadhana could easily become deranged and loose control over their minds or even get killed by the souls. 

Shava Sadhana, which means sitting on the body of a dead girl who died as a virgin and performing Sadhana was quite popular in those times. It was believed that the soul would again re-enter the body and bring it back to life and speak to the Aghora Sadhu. This Aghori Sadhana is even more dangerous than the one explained above. 


  1. शव साधना के सम्बन्ध में भारत चूड़ामणि ग्रन्थ में विस्तृत विवरण मिलता है -शून्यागार,नदीतीर ,पहाड़ ,निर्जन
    स्थान ,विल्वमूल ,श्मशान ,श्मशान के पास बनभूमि ये स्थान शव साधना के लिए अच्छे हैं .चौदस या अष्टमी ,
    मंगलवार की अमावस सिद्धि के लिए फलदायक हैं .अघोर सुदर्शन मन्त्र ,,शव प्रोक्षण पुष्पांजलि प्रणाम के
    मन्त्र,इन्द्र अग्नि यम वरुण वायु कुबेर ब्रह्मा के पूजा और बलि मन्त्र के साथ साधना करनी पड़ती है .

  2. Shav sadhana is the most powerful occult ritual practice in this world. Not only a girl, any person's dead body (yes, dead body of a child girl preferably), who has died untimely, is used in this ritual and the practitioner sits on the corpse and practices it.

    This is practiced by aghori saints in Himalayan caves. It is so powerful that one of the Indian prime ministers (I won't disclose the name) had to ban this ritual and hence it is banned by the Indian law.

    During the sadhana, the wandering and restless soul of the dead person helps the practitioner in the entire ritual. Also there is a huge cobweb of evil spirits around and one who has mastered the art of dealing with such powerful evil entities only can do this sadhana.

    The main motive of this sadhana is to secure one's place in heaven so that as soon as the practitioner dies, his road to heaven is confirmed. This sadhana shakes the seats of the Gods and they too have to bow down to that practitioner's wishes.

    After the sadhana is over the dead person gets up and becomes the practitioner's puppet forever.

    I know some aghori sadhus and there are even well paid IT professionals who have left their jobs to become aghori saints.

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