Remedy to Increase Saving which Works for Any Person

This remedy for retaining and saving money will work for any person, irrespective of whether that person in an atheist or a Nastik who does does not believe in the traditional forms or descriptions of God given in the religious scriptures of all religions or sects.

The remedy will also work for those person who may be religious but are lazy or simple too tied up to perform any kind of worship or ritual. It will also work for those who have little or no knowledge about religion or the paranormal.

In short, this remedy to hold on to money and increase bank balance will work for any person irrespective of his actions or beliefs or whether he believes in the working of this remedy.

The remedy – apply edible oil on a Chapati or Roti and feed it to a black colored dog at anytime on a Saturday. This is all that is needed to perform this remedy.

This simple remedy has appeared many times on this site as part of some or the other Mantra-Tantra-Totka or Upay, including some Lal Kitab Totke for resolving problems faced due to the ill-effects of malefic planets.

This time around, I have posted this simple remedy as a stand-alone paranormal remedy to stop the unnecessary outflow and wastage of money and unneeded expenditure and increase your bank balance.

This is a tried and tested paranormal remedy according to many practitioners of the Paranormal.

Another even more simple remedy for the same purpose it to offer Milk to a Tulsi[holy basil plant] on any Thursday. There is no form of Mantra Chanting, worship or ritual involved for practicing this remedy.

If anyone has attempted or is going to attempt these remedies, please share your experiences for the benefit of other readers.


  1. sir

    how many thursdays we have to do this?

  2. Namaste Neel Sir,

    - Can we use pasteurized milk? (that is the one we get around here)

    - is this a one time procedure only?

    Thank you very much for these remedies

  3. Hi for the roti any kind will do or any special ingredients must be added?

  4. Any chapati or roti (any ingredients) as mentioned in the post will do. also any milk (pasteurised or milk from dairy) will do.


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