Wednesday Fast for Money and Removing Problems

Budhwar Ka Vrat or Keeping a Fast on Wednesdays is considered to be beneficial in resolving money, finance or business related problems and obstacles or for finding a solution for problems and dangers from rivals, competitors or enemies or protection from sudden demise, accidents and calamities.

There are 2 basic ways to keep this Fast-
1] For anything to do with wealth, money, business and job related or material and financial problems, you have to dedicate the Budhwar Ka Vrat towards the Wealth Goddess Lakshmi Mata.

2] For freedom from enemy problems, protection from untimely and sudden death, accidents and calamities, you have to dedicate the Budhwar Ka Vrat towards Hanuman.

The chosen deity should be worshiped according to the prescribed norms for that deity. If you wish you can chant 1 Mala of any preferred Mantra of your chosen deity [Lakshmi or Hanuman] or recite their Chalisa once on this day. The Mantras can be seen here -
Hanuman Mantras
Lakshmi Mantras

The basic method of observing this fast is to-
1] Keep the Budhwar Ka Vrat for a minimum of 11 consecutive Wednesdays for it to be effective in giving the desired results. The Sankalp for keeping the Fast should be taken on this day.

2] Wear clean white colored clothes on the day of fasting.

3] Have a meal of white colored food prepared from milk once on this day. Consuming sour, spicy, salty or junk-food on this day is strictly prohibited.

3] If a woman is keeping this Fast, then she should not keep the Fast or chant a Mantra or recite the Chalisa if she is having her monthly cycle on that day. But she should follow the rules mention above, and keep the Fast for another extra Wednesday to make up for the interruption.

4] Udhyapan or concluding the Sankalp of 11 Wednesdays Fasting should be performing by the worship of the chosen deity and offering a Prasad of white colored sweets prepared using Milk, like Mithai or Kheer and giving Dakshina to poor and needy persons.

Note- The Budhwar Ka Vrat is normally dedicated to Shri Ganesha and Budh Graha[the planet mercury. The information given in this post is about a most useful variation of the same Fast. 


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