Masasn Rog Nivaran Yantra

In this post, I have written about a Healing Yantra, which is said to cure and give relief to a person suffering from Masaan Rog. Masaan Rog is more commonly called as Sukha Rog or Rickets hence, it should not be confused with Masaan Dosh or Badha, which is means the malefic and harmful energies that affects an unlucky person when he visits a Smashan Bhoomi or Hindu Crematorium.

Rickets is normally associated with infants and it can be a most discomforting and painful ailment.

This Yantra, which is a stand-alone Indian Paranormal Healing Remedy, is said to give relief to the sufferer.

It is comprised of special numbers that vibrate at a specific frequency to emit the needed healing frequencies.

Yantra for curing the disease of Rickets

The Yantra does not need any kind of Puja-Mantra-Tantra Ritual in order to energize and use it on a person suffering from Rickets.

It can be drawn on white paper using red or black colored ink or on a Bhojpatra using Ashtagandha Paste as the ink and a pointed wooden stick as the pen and inserted inside a cloth or metal locket and worn around the neck as a healing talisman.

Note- This paranormal healing remedy is not a replacement for any kind of ongoing medical treatment and if anyone wants to practice it, then they should do so along with their ongoing medical treatment.

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