Best Days Timings and Directions for Tantrik Mantras

In this post, I have written about the recommended day of the week, Tithi and the best timings and directions for performing the 6 main categories of Tantrik Mantras namely Shanti Karma, Vashikaran/ Akarshan and Mohan, Uchchatan, Videshan, Stambhan and Maran.

Shat Karma is the context of Tantrik Mantra Shastra means the 6 main branches of Mantra Shanti Karma meaning Mantra Jaap for peace, Vashikaran/ Akarshan/ Mohan meaning Mantra Jaap for attraction, Stambhan meaning immobilization, Uchchatan meaning uprooting enemies from ones surroundings, Videshan meaning orchestrating fights among the enemies and dividing them and Maran meaning death and destruction of enemies.

Shanti Karma – Started from Guruwar[Thursday] – Can be performed on any Tithi or Shubh Nakshatra – Best time is the afternoon – Best direction is Ishanya Disha.

Vashikaran/ Akarshan/ Mohan – Started from Monday [Somwar] –  Navami, Dashami or Ekadashi Tithi or Amavasya – Best time is the First Prahar of the day – Best direction is the north direction.

Stambhan – Started from Guruwar – Panchami, Dashmi or Purnima – best time is Best time is the Third Prahar of the day – Best direction is east direction.

Vidveshan – Started from Saturday [Shaniwar] - Purnima falling on a Saturday or Sunday – Best time is Best time is the First Prahar of the day – Best direction is Nairutya Disha.

Uchchatan – Started from Tuesday [Mangalwar] – Shashti, Ashtami or Amavasya, Pradosh Kaal is very important for this Karma – Best timing is Best time is the First Prahar of the day – Best direction is Vayavya Disha.

Maran – Started from Saturday – Asmtami, Chaturdashi or Amavasya – best time is the evening – Best direction is Agneya Disha.

Directions for Mantra Japa
Shanti Karma, Atma Raksha and Pushti Karma – North Direction.
Vashikaran – East Direction.
Dhana Prapti of acquisition of money – West Direction.

Weekly days and Directions
Tuesday and Wednesday – North Direction.
Monday and Saturday – East Direction.
Sunday and Friday – West Direction.
Thursday – South Direction.

Notes- Success chances in the Mantra Experiment will be enhanced and quicker by following these recommendations.

These recommendations will not apply if there is a very specific procedure laid out in the Mantra Prayog or Sadhana.

For more specific details on Mantra Shastra, see the section on Articles on Mantras


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