How to easily find your Own Ishta Devta

The Hindu religion lays great stress on the principle of the Ishta Devta or the Favored or Central Deity of a person. The Ishta Devta is the primary God or Goddess with whom a person vibrates most favorably and has a deeper connection, which goes back to his past births.

People who are engaged in the Naam Jaap of a deity should not stop the Naam Jaap of that deity and take up the chanting of the Naam Jaap of any other deity after a few day and then again carry-on to the Naam Jaap of another deity and so on.

For example if you chant – Om Namah Shivaya for a few days and then chant – Om Namo Narayana for the next few days and then start chanting – Om Gurave Namah for the next few days, it will not help you get the blessings of any of these deities.

Such an attitude indicates that the chanter does not have any particular Ishta Devta and his mind is wavering and uncertain and he is looking for quick benefits and if he does not get them he moves on to try his luck and get them from other deities.

Even though, there are some guidelines given in traditional Indian Jyotish Shastra and some Hindu religious scriptures on how to find ones Ishta Devta, in my opinion, everything depends upon the concerned person and not merely on astrological charts.

Finding your own Ishta Devata is in fact really most simple, all that you have to do is to sit down calmly and think for a few minutes about-
Who is that deity with whom you feel most connected to?
Who is that deity who you love the most?
Who is that deity whom you have the most faith in?
Who is that deity whom you will automatically cry out for help spontaneously without thinking whenever in trouble?

The answer lies within your own sub-conscious or deeper mind.

Each person is bound to have his or her own Favorite God or Goddess. There is most certainly bound to be a higher connection, which your Atma has with the Parmatma or the Soul with the Over-Soul.

This connection is likely to exist from preceding past lives.

Even the person who is confirmed follower of Nir Ishwar Vada or atheism has a personal or higher connection with some or the other higher force which he vibrates to.

Once you have found your Ishta Devta, the Marg towards achieving Siddi in Mantra Sadhanas or progressing towards higher and higher levels of consciousness becomes much more easier. 


  1. प्राय:लोग अपने इष्टदेव के बारे मे नही जानते .पूछने पर कई आश्चर्य करते हैं कि क्या इष्टदेव भी होते हैं ?कुंडली बांचने वाले कुंडली के आधार पर इष्टदेव बताने की बात करते हैं,परंतु यह सब व्यर्थ है .
    हमारे पूर्वज जब गावों मे रहते थे,तब ग्रामदेवता की पूजा करते थे,यह ग्रामदेवता या भूमिदेवता प्राय:गोल सा पत्थर होते थे .ये देवता ग्रावासियों के अकाल,दुर्भिक्ष,
    अतिवृष्टि,अकाल मौत,विपत्ति आदि से रक्षा करने वाले माने जाते थे .कुलदेवता /कुल देवी ही प्रकारांतर से इष्टदेव थे .
    सभी देवी देवता एक ही परब्रह्म के रूप हैं . सृष्टि के कण कण मे परमात्मसत्ता मौजूद है . जड़ चेतन मे वह एक ही शक्ति विद्यमान है,वह उसकी निर्मात्री भी है और संचालक भी .किसी भी देव देवी का पूजन उस परब्रह्म का ही पूजन है .अत:स्वयं अपने इष्टदेव का चयन करें और नित्य नियम से उसकी पूजा करें .

    1. Guru ji i have been doing path of shree shutam with luxmi gyatri mantra, Bagalamuki mantra mala and bhrmaashtra gyatri and hanumanchalisa. please guide me. for mantra mala of bagalamuki mata i have guru. so please advice i do not have shanskrit background but can read shanskrit with difficulties.
      Vedic Shanatan Dharma ki jai. we need guidence to kee pouring values in our society since many meople are diverting to christinity.
      I will be very happy to get guidence
      Jai Narayan sharma.

  2. Dear Neel Sir,

    lets leave Isht Dev on a side for the moment,

    You have said this several times already on this site, that we shouldn´t worship several gods at a time, but

    I´m sorry to say, and I guess it´s not that easy.
    In early life, we are taught to pray to all gods, all of their different forms, avatars, incarnations. . .

    Till certain age we do things without much any interest, regarding religious matters, as we believe that life is under our control, until and unless things turn upside down and then we start looking for "quick" solutions.

    Today, In the society we watch TV, read information and listen, and we make up our minds and beliefs, depending on our situations in life.

    All these things and situations in our life bring moments of reflection, but we only come to a conclusion that is of most benefit for ourselves, in the search of that quick solution.

    we should Worship Ganesha to remove obstacles in the Pooja/ceremonies and mantra sadhhna, We should Worship Saraswati if we wish wisdom, seak learning, we should worship lord Rama to attain moksha and look for help and protection from Hanuman, Mata Lakshmi for wealth. . .

    Now how can someone just pray to 1 god and not others when Almost every single person in this life wants to be successful in all or at least Most of the Fields they are interested in? and for each of them in Hinduism there is a Favourable Deity for each task or matter?

    coming back on Isht Dev,

    May be my Isht Dev, according to date/place/time of birth is Vishnu, But why I keep on looking, my mind keep on turning towards Hanuman and Shiva? (I will share later my facts about why i keep on coming on both)

    That means that when i´m doing a pooja of Hanuman and or Shiva, I shouldn´t pray to Ganesha?

    And to achieve success in Hanuman sadhna, I should Ignore Lord Rama worship?

    Or I can pray all 4? (Ganesha, Hanuman, Rama and Shiva)

    Thank you for Reading and hope you can make something clear here for me.

    Thank you, really appreciate your help sir.

    Jai Shree Ram
    Jai Veer Hanumaan
    Om Namah Shivaya

    1. I mean to say that one should fully concentrate ones energy in gaining Siddhi in one Mantra Sadhana at a time and not attempt too many, then one gets nothing.
      The help and aid of the Ishta Devta is beneficial is getting results quickly in Sadhanas related to other Gods and Goddesses.

    2. That was a quick reply, Thank you sir,

      I´m guessing Vishnu is my Isht Dev as his mantra was given to me by a priest to chant for the rest of the life, after Upanayana, but as I said, when young we don´t think about the spiritual path and look for God until things turn bad

      also My attention keeps on diverting towards Shiva and Hanuman

      But, Back in time, you said to me to stop doing Shiva Mool mantra as things were going worst, and do Hanuman Chalisa.

      So whom should I worship as Isht Dev? Vishnu, Shiva or Hanuman?

      (My inclination towards Hanuman is due to the fact that in my childhood I liked Hanuman, his strength, wisdom and other qualities, while watching Ramayana and towards Shiva is due to how he is, which is how I'm feeling lately, don´t being compatible with this world, so take Sanyas and disappear, but can´t do that As we do have obligations with our parents and brothers/sisters.)

      As you can see my "Choice" is actually Biased somehow, so my question is there...

    3. I do not have much faith in the Joytish Shastra defined Ishta Devta.
      It is quite simple, the God you feel connected to most and whom you cry out for help without thinking has to be your Ishta Devta.

    4. Dear Neel Sir,

      I never pray to the god so far for help, but I am a simple Devotee, HOW CAN I KNOW THAT WHO IS MY ISHTA DEVATA ??



    5. Read the post and the replies to the comments and you will know how to find your Ishta Devta.

  3. Deer neel sir I also agree with one of the readers comment ..Yes Im having my isht devta hanuman ..I think of him ..I pray him more I recite his name ..And also done vrat ..But Thiers a needed to atleast keep faith and worshipping the other gods as we r hindus ..We have millions of god/goddess ..U said right that a person should not too much variable or waive his mind but am just asking one simple question if I recite regularly hanuman chalisa ..Then I can't recite ganesh mantra 11or 21 times for his salutation for to praise him ..?? Please reply to my comments

    1. You can can recite any and all the Mantras you want, but take the blessings of your Ishta Devta before starting the Mantra Sadhana.

  4. Ishta devata comes from the Sanskrit,ishta, meaning “desired,” “cherished” or “preferred”; anddevata, meaning “godhead” or “divinity.” It translates as “cherished divinity.”

  5. Hello sir iam 8 year realtion love problem neel sir pls tell hanuman remedies

  6. very good aproach described to know ishtdevta. very practical and natural .

  7. Hello, I see my Ishtadev to be Lord Brahma and Lord Ayaapa but I like to worship Lord Vishnu particularly Lord Krishna. Should I do his mantra jap or should I worship my Ishtadev


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