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Ancient Hindu sages were the pioneers in the field of astrology. In an age when civilizations in most parts of the world were living in caves; these learned men were pioneering the study of astronomy. They spent hours and hours studying the cosmos; the orbits of the various planets and stars; so as to formulate a unique method, to study the effects, the heavenly bodies in the cosmos had on life on the Earth.

It has always been a debatable subject; whether such remedies serve any purpose or not. There are always the Nay Sayers; at the same time; those who swear by such remedies. However we believe knowledge’ of which ever kind should never be kept under wraps; hence a lot of information; previously secret; is being published by this site.

This site does not wish to spread superstition and blind faith; and hence does not advocate or endorse that; readers should put it to practical use. However it is always left to the good sense of the individual whether he or she wishes to actively practice the various Hindu remedies, mantras, yantras and tantras given here.

There is good news for astrology fans; it has been awarded the legal status of a science. Most Universities; recognized by the Indian Government are conducting various courses on astrology; including Doctorate Courses.

This site has been over a period of time publishing articles on Indian Astrological Remedies. Some of that information is being given in this section; however you can also browse the related subjects for more knowledge.

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Effective Remedy for Beneficial Aspects of Shani
Planets and Houses Colors Shapes Clothes Places in Astrology
Upay for Ailments Related to Menstrual Cycles
Diseases and Body Parts associated with Navagraha
Effective Surya Upasana for Sade Sati


  1. Dear Sir
    my son has rahu mahdasha, for that what upay will be effective. If any Pandit does Rahu shanti puja in my home or I chant any Rahu mantras for him.I am asking because he does not believe in these things.Please reply kindly I do need your help.
    Thank you

  2. Hello sir, today suddenly i stepped on to a lizard with my right leg , What happens ? And what are the remedies?

    1. Nothing will happen as you did it accidentaly; so get it out from your head.

  3. dear sir namaskar,

    iam going through rahu mahadash and it is in a 12th place

    not getting success in business from last 5 year birth d 29/11/1982 time 10.36 pm place Nasik (Maharashtra)

    1. You could try chanting the Rahu Mool Mantra -- Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah - 108 times daily.

  4. is there any mantra to cure baldness

  5. Guruji,
    I want to get blessings for astrological purpose. which sadhana i need to do to achieve success to tell past,present and future of a person with remedies without help of horoscope or any chart. kindly help

  6. My boss is troubling me a lot. He is giving wrong feedback .

    Please suggest suitable remedies.

    DOB 22.07.72 at 2:15 AM

  7. hello sir,
    i am Arijit Nath
    my date of birth - 18/jan/1992 . Time- 22.35 p.m my weight -73 kgs
    .. place - Hooghly-chinsurah (west bengal) India. im suffering from
    panic attac, anoxiety and educational problem. give me some remedies.
    please suggest me which gem(s) shuld i wear.
    arijit nath.

  8. Guruji I am not getting centl govt job after trying hard,but now recently i have qualified in both tiers of ssc ldc and deo exam. Last tire is type test, can you suggest some totkas by which i can get 100% success!

  9. Hello sir i am not getting any permanent full time job. Can you please suggest a totka and 0ne to get rid of debts quicker as well. Many thanks

  10. Respectd sir..i want my child to be born on 2nd of january 2019..is there any problem on that day according to astrology..please reply
    Thanking you
    Debojit bora

  11. Please post about kemdrum yog, i am suffering a lot, also many people having this yoga,


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