Effective Remedy on the Day of Shani Jayanti

A special Indian Paranormal Remedy or Totka for appeasing Shani Dev on the occasion of Shani Jayanti has been described by me in this post. Shani Jayanti, the day of the Birth of Shani Dev, falls today on the 25th of May 2017. This day also falls on an Amavasya or New Moon Day, a day on which subtle, unmanifested, dormant and unseen cosmic energies are heightened and at their peak.

The unseen energies are more turbulent or vigorous on the day of Amavasya, than during any other period of the Hindu Lunar Month. Hence, his period is generally considered to be more potent and powerful for the acquisition of Siddhis and any other form of worship, which requires single-minded sincerity and devotion.

Shani Jayanti is especially considered to be most auspicious as per traditional Indian Astrology for the worship of Shani and to appease him,  in order to tide over the ill-effects effects of Sadi-Sati, a malefic Antar Dasha or transit of Shani in the horoscope.

Many persons chant the various Mantras of Shani Dev, including Vedic and Puranic Mantra Chants of Shani Dev. Reciting the Shani Chalisa and Shani Stotram are also considered to be beneficial on this day. Other perform Shanti Pujas- Havans for appeasing Shani Dev.

The worship of Hanuman is also believed to be very efective in negating the ill-effects of a malefic Shani.

Tantric Remedies for the removal of Jadu-Tona, Bhoot-Pret, Buri Nazar and all kinds of Black magic and Voodoo Spells are widely practiced on the day of Shani Jayanti.

Coming back to the Upay, which, I have mentioned, it is not really a Upay in the real sense of the word but a state of mind, which, if cultivated on this day can prove to be immensely beneficial, if done with sincerity. It will however have no effect, if practiced in a mechanical and artificial manner without feeling.

The Totka- try to please your mother as much as possible on the day of Shani Jayanti. If you do not have a mother try to appease your wife and behave with her in a most respectful manner. If you do not have a mother or a wife, then try to be as respectful as possible towards elderly ladies, if an elderly lady is in need of food, clothes and money, try to help her as much as possible. The Goddess Chhaya is the mother of Shani Dev.

This remedy can prove to be most fruitful in not only reversing the ill-effect of a malefic Saturn but also helpful in gaining money and finance.

Another Totka for appeasing Shani Dev on the day of Shani Jayanti is to offer Ashta-Dhanya[eight different kinds of food grains] to a Cow.


  1. Neel sir, i have a doubt, whenever i buy some product or some costly electronic gadgets with high expectations and joy, the thing has some defects in it and i have to worry day and night about that and has to run a lot in back of such issues. As this thing is haplening again and again, i feel it is due to some graha dosha. If this issue is related with some graha dosha, please suggest some remedies to overcome this.

  2. Nice information about shani remedies..thanx for sharing...i would also like to share shani remedies to reduce the negative effects of shani planet in your birth chart as :- Shani mantra upchar

  3. Respected Guruji,

    Im unable to find eight dhanya which you mentioned. Please be kind to guide


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