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Mantra to attract Boss

This is an Attraction Mantra for the Vashikaram or attraction of a King. In the times these Mantras were composed the king or ruler was the most important person for the common population. In today’s times it can be someone with authority like a minister or a politician who can grant favors to you, it can also mean your Boss who can make or mar your career.

Ancient Indian Love Mantra

This is a translation of a Love charm from the ancient Hindu scripture The Atharvaveda written over 3000 years back. This was at that time considered as a kind of Attraction Mantra , which was recited by the woman to win over the love of her husband. These charms or Mantras were supposed to have magical powers of attraction.

How to overcome doubt

There are a lot of people who say that they doubt the relevance of Mantras and prayers or Prarthanas in everyday life. So also are there a lot of people who disbelieve and doubt the Prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophets. As I have said, many times before I do not practice or advocate the practice of Mantras and other forms of worship. I write these for information purposes only; it is left entirely to the discretion of the individual what he wishes to do.

Mantra to prevent miscarriage

This is a most useful Health Mantra to prevent miscarriage which normally occurs spontaneously. To prevent miscarriage one has to take a cotton thread. Then you have to tie 21 knots on this thread. Then this thread has to be Abhimintrit [bind] by holding the thread and reciting the Mantra given below. Then tie this thread slightly loosely on the waist of the pregnant woman. Doing this is said to prevent miscarriage.

The meaning of the 4th Seal

The 4th Seal of Death describes the Kaliyuga in its totality and peak. This will be the condition of the World in the coming W orld Climax . Governance and the accompanying laws will collapse and this will give rise to a kind of ‘jungle raj’. The signs of this ‘jungle raj’ or the beginning of it is visible in many parts of the World including India. The Prophecies about India and also those about Nostradamus also point to the coming climax. This will now start accelerating and gain momentum in the near future. The World as we see it today will mutate into what I have described in the coming World Climax .

Mantra to ensure smooth pregnancy - 2

This is another Garbha Raksha Mantra or a mantra for the protection of the womb which is used to ensure smooth pregnancy .A little bit of water has to be Abhimintrit[bind] by reciting the mantra given below 7 times while holding the cup containing the water. Then this water has to be given to the woman who is pregnant. Doing this will ensure a trouble free Delivery without the risk of abortion.

Mantra for acidity

This one here is an easy to practice Health Mantra to ease and give relief from acidity and indigestion . If you experience the painful and irritating problem of acidity, you have to take 7 leaves of the Tulsi [holy basil] plant and recite the mantra given below 21 times while blowing your breath on the leaves. Then you have to swallow the leaves without biting them. If someone else is suffering from acidity them you can give them to that person.

Mantra to attract women - 3

This is another Mantra to attract women . Again the procedure for gaining mastery over it is the same as in the previous two. To gain mastery the Attraction Mantra has to be recited for total recitations of 10,000 times during the period of an Eclipse. After which mastery is gained over the Mantra .The word ‘amuki’ in the person has to be replaced by the name of the woman whom you want to bring under your spell of attraction.

Mantra to attract women - 2

This is one more Attraction Mantra from the Vashikaran branch of the Hindu mantras which is practiced to attract women. The Siddhi [mastery] procedure of this mantra is the same as the previous one. It has to be recited 10,000 times during the period of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

Mantra to attract women

This is a specific Vashikaran or Attraction Mantra which is used to attract women. The Siddhi [mastery] over this Mantra is attained during the period of an Eclipse, either Solar or Lunar. The mantra has to be recited 10,000 times to acquire Siddhi during this period. The specific dates can be confirmed by checking with a Hindu calendar or a Panchang.

21 May Judgement Day - The truth

By now most of you must have seen the hoardings or received a pamphlet telling you about the coming and inevitable Judgment Day on 21st May 2011 and the end of the world five months later on 21st October 2011.They tell you that God will judge the faith of the people and the faithful will be taken by him to heaven and the unfaithful are doomed. The Bible Prophecies about the Revelation are being quoted to prove how frightening and real this prophecy is.

Chamunda Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Vashikaran Mantra which is dedicated to the Mother Goddess Chamunda Mata. To acquire Siddhi [mastery] over this Attraction Mantra it has to be recited 10,000 times during the period of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse.Siddhi can also be acquired in a state of Siddha Yoga. After acquiring Siddhi whenever you wish to use it to attract someone you have to Abhimintrit [bind] a flower with this mantra. TheN give that flower to the person you wish to attract to smell. This will bring that person under your spell of attraction.

What the Anna Hazare movement should do

The Anna Hazare's Movement to free India from the clutches of looting and corruption has run into rough weather. The looters who govern Indian have put up a united front, a diverse and multi cultural collection of looters have united to derail the movement. The 5 members of the Civil Society in the committee are being singled out and being subjected to slanderous attacks. The end motive seems clear, to demoralize them and finish off their credibility in the eyes of the public.

Nostradamus predicts discovery of the tomb of Jesus

This particular Quatrain of Nostradamus makes one wonder if Nostradamus had predicted that the tomb of Jesus Christ would be discovered. This Prophecy does speak of a ‘sepulchre’ being discovered. Here the term sepulcher indicates a cave or hidden chamber like the one used to bury Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus is the magnet, which holds the Christian faith together. The very growth and rise of Christianity as a religion can trace it origin to the supernatural event of the resurrection. The narratives of the witnesses to whom Jesus appeared for 40 days after his crucifixion are taken as the Gospel truth which bring tears in the eyes of devote Christians. As Paul, the apostle said, "If Christ was not raised, then all our preaching is useless, and your trust in God is useless."

Simple Attraction Mantra - 2

Now I am giving a very easy and simple Vashikaran Attraction Mantra . This is most suitable for those who do not understand Hindi or Sanskrit. There is no difficulty in pronunciation. All you have to do if you want to attract a particular person desperately is to recite this Mantra 500 times on an empty stomach. This will automatically bring that person under your spell of attraction.

Garbha Raksha Mantra

This is a Garbha Raksha Mantra or a Health Mantra to protect the Womb. To practice the mantra you have to take a small glass of water, and holding the glass in you hand recite the mantra given below 7 times. Holding the glass in your hand will Abhimintrit [bind] the water in the glass with the mantra.

Mantra to attract husband - 2

This is one more Attraction Mantra which,  is a Mantra to attract husband , this is a Shabar Vashikaran mantra. However this mantra can also be used to attract and seduce other men.

Nostradamus - war of the Third Antichrist

This is a significant Quatrain of Nostradamus as he names THE THIRD ANTICHRIST in this Quatrain. The Quatrain says that the war of the third Antichrist is going to last 27 years. During this period of 27 years he annihilates all those who oppose him. The ‘unbelievers’ are those who oppose his ideology. The ideology is in all probability ‘one world’, ‘one governance ‘ and ‘one religion’ with the third Antichrist at the apex. Here ‘water and red hail’is certainly the fallout of NUCLEAR WAR , this is radioactive dust along with’nuclesr rain’ as seen in the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where ‘black rain’ was reported.

Mantra to get answer in dream - 2

This is one more secret Mantra to get answer in dream . This is a Sadhana which is said to give you an answer to your questions in a dream. The Yakshini [a feminine being with specific powers] answers you questions.

Mantra before taking food - 2

This is a Shabar Mantra which is recited before taking food. Hindu spirituality gives great importance to diet and how the meals which you take are digested. The food one takes nourishes the body and is the fuel required for proper mental and physical growth.

Annapurna Mantra

This is a Hindu Mantra , which is recited to seek the blessings of Annapurna Devi the Hindu Goddess of food and nourishment. Food and nourishment are essential for survival, none can survive without it. Annapurna Devi is the form of the Divine Mother which gives food and nourishes each and every living being. The mantra is recited in the morning and evening before meals to thank Annapurna Devi for the food and nourishment she gives us. Those finding it difficult to meet the basic essentials requirements are also advised to recite the mantra.

Karna Pishachini Mantra

This here is one more mantra recited to attract the Karna Pishachini Yakshini. The Karna Pishachini Yakshini is said to be the feminine being who answers and tell you about the future. This is an Aghori Mantra.I have described this in the post on the Mantra to know the future.

Machindranath Mantra

This is a Dhyan Mantra or a mantra for concentration recited to incur the blessings of. Matsyendranatha or Machindranath. Machindranath is the first of the nine saints and masters the Navnath’s. He is also the Guru of Gorakshanath. He is also known as Adinath or the First Master. Most of the mantras and remedies have originated from the Nath Sampradaya or the Nath linage and tradition, which is active even today.

Mantra to attract husband

This is Vashikaran Attraction Mantra especially for all those women who have written to me asking me to give a powerful mantra with which they can attract their husbands. This is a common problem; the husband after awhile looses interest in the wife, or gets attracted towards other women or has no Sexual appetite.

Supari Mohini Mantra

This is very simple to practice Mohini Attraction Mantra . This mantra makes the use of Supari (सुपारी) or betal nut. The practice is also simple. You have to take a small piece of Supari and holding it in you hand recite the mantra given below 108 times. This will Abhimintrit [bind] the Supari with the mantra.

Mantra to heal wounds

This is a Health Mantra which is said to heal wounds. The procedure given is most simple; you have to recite this Mantra 7 times and after that blow your breath over the body part which is wounded. It is said that doing this gives relief from pain and heals the wound. The mantra is dedicated to the master Gorakhnath.

Bhagwati Mantra for success

This is a very powerful Bhagwati Mantra which ensures the ultimate success in life. Bhagwati is the mother Goddess in the Hindu religion.

Mantra for Knowledge

This is a Hindu Mantra to increase and gain knowledge. This mantra is recited in praise of the Hindu Goddess of learning Saraswati .Siddhi [ mastery] has to be attained over this mantra by reciting it for 1008 times daily for a total period of 21 days. This practice has to be commenced from any Sunday.

Nostradamus predicts Americans will be defeated

Hidden in the Centuries of Nostradamus is this Quatrain which according to me is the defeat of the USA.One has to remember that the Prophecies are in a code language, what matters is how you interpret them. The laws of probability do not apply here, these are specific events prophesied to happen.Nostradamus had visions of these events.

Mantra for chest and back pain

This is a Mantra which is said to cure and give relief from back and chest pain. Those persons who are suffering from this pain have to do the following- Take a small branch of the Neem [Azadirachta indica] tree. At the time of Dusk face the sun and touch the branch 21 times.

Nostradamus - Purpose of uncovering of Aliens

This is a Quatrain, which strongly appears to be related to the one where Nostradamus predicts aliens will be uncovered . This Prophecy of Nostradamus is in my opinion indicative of the timing of the magnificent spectacle. Nature will uncover the Aliens when the there is wide spread and famine on Earth. These natural disasters will be unprecedented, and of magnitude never ever witnessed before in the history of mankind.

Love song for the first night

This here is a love charm from the ancient Hindu scripture The Atharvaveda.This is charm which was recited by newly weds on their "first night”. The hymns were and are still considered sacred and these charms were considered as effective Mantras and said to have magical powers.

Home remedy to cure Piles

This here is an easy to practice home remedy to cure the painful and irritating disease of Piles. The home remedies given below are practiced in India and are said to give relief and cure Hemorrhoids, including those case where there is bleeding.

Mantra to recover ancestral wealth

Many people experience that they are unable to recover or gain the ancestral wealth which is rightfully theirs. This normally happens when there are multiple beneficiaries and the wealth is struck in unnecessary legal complications and disputes.

Nostradamus predicts aliens will be uncovered

This is the most relevant Quatrain from the Centuries of  Nostradamus , which could be referring to the discovery of a huge UFO,which could be the mother ship. This Prophecy refers to a particular solar combination through which the Aliens or the Extra-Terrestrials remain hidden from the view of all scientific instruments. A rare solar combination involving the Sun and Venus will uncover them, and the long awaited secret will finally be reveled. Many people suspect that we are being watched and monitored by the ET’s.

Did Nostradamus predict Japan radiation crisis

This is a Quatrain from the Prophecies of Nostradamus which had been previously interpreted as the volcanic ask flowing out of the foundation of the earth. This Quatrain could also refer to a nuclear disaster of massive magnitude. This does not look like a nuclear explosion, resulting from a war, but a radiation leak. At the time of writing this Japan has raised the warning level of the Fukushima nuclear power plant to the highest level of 7.This crises which is the aftermath of the Japan Earthquake has not been controlled, and is steadily rising. If nor controlled it could lead to a serious crises.

A very powerful mantra

This is a Navnath Shabar mantra dedicated to the great saint and master Gorakhnath which is considered to be one of the most powerful Shabar mantras. This is a multi purpose Mantra which can be used for Wealth as well as for Attraction purposes. The mantra can be used for success in all important ventures.

Simple remedy to reduce weight

This is an extremely simple and easy remedy for those of you who have become over weight and gained those extra ounces which you so desperately wish to shed. Being over weight brings with it numerous side effects, and invites diseases and illnesses. Obesity and being Obese is extremely dangerous to your health and Wellbeing .

Opinion of a reader on the Indian Political system

This is the opinion of a reader on the Indian political system. Indian Political system has to be rebuild, I believe the good political system is available in United States and European countries. There should be a condition for the MPs and MLAs,for at least a minimum qualification for MPs and MLAs, as well as for the ministers also.

Journey of the soul

During each incarnation, the soul becomes more and more refined, this unending process continues till the evolution of the soul reaches the stage where it becomes God. This is where the process stops and the soul and God become one.

Hanuman Mantra for strength

This is a specific mantra which is recited to gain physical strength. This mantra is recited to seek the blessings of Hanuman , the God of infinite strength. The mantra has been given to me by a devotee of Hanuman. This mantra gives physical strength and vitality as well as all round success in life. This mantra has to be recited 12000 to acquire Siddhi [mastery] over the mantra.

The real purpose of Kalki Avatar

While humanity awaits the arrival of the 10th and last Avatar of Vishnu the KALKI AVATAR , various reasons are being given for the real purpose of his manifestation on earth. One of the prime reasons of course is the decay of morality and the dominance of the forces of darkness at the present moment.

Mantra for mental power

This is powerful mantra to increase mental strength. This mantra increases the overall mental capacity of the individual. This Health Mantra has been given to me by a knowledgeable person who practices it daily.

Anna Hazare's Movement- watch out for subversion

The movement started by Anna Hazare is nearing its climax as of now. The Indian Government is looking for a way out of the mess they have landed themselves into. At the same time, they are trying to subvert the movement, by trying to sneak in their ‘Trojan horses’ into the civil society’s share of 5 members of the proposed committee to draft the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Alien War in 2012

Another theory about New World Order 2012 is that Aliens will invade earth. If Aliens invade earth, then we will have a New World Order that is a fact. An Alien attack will change the world forever, and will be the hugest paradigm shift ever.

Remedy to recover losses in business

This is a Hindu remedy for those whose business has incurred losses and is on the verge of collapsing. On every Monday take 11 leaves of the Pipal tree [the sacred fig tree. On each and every one of these 11 leaves write राम राम 4 times with red Sandalwood paste.

Huge War in 2012

2012 is coming, and there is not much time left. Some people say that 2012 is the year that the world will end. Is the world going to end in 2012? One of the reasons why the world could come to an end is because of a huge war. Remember that many countries throughout the world have nuclear weapons, if a new and huge war starts, then we will see nuclear weapons being used in the battle.

Anna Hazare's Movement

The Anna Hazare movement is rapidly gathering momentum at an alarming pace for the looters who hold India to ransom. This movement presents a golden opportunity for the common Indian who has been at the mercy of the looters for the entire span of his life. The Economic condition of India , which is shinning more brightly than ever for the handful of looters is at the same time growing bleaker and bleaker for the common Indian.

India in the year 2012

India is a very important country, when it comes to economics but it is also a very powerful country. NWO 2012 is a conspiracy about the world changing to a one world government in 2012. Let’s take a look at some of the things that may happen in India in 2012. India taking the superpower position from USA Many people believe that India will become a superpower in 2012. This is not the usual theory, because the 2012 prophecy is about a one world government. If there is a superpower change, then we will most likely not see a one world government. India taking the superpower position from USA is most likely NOT going to happen

Mantra to control husband

A common complaint of most women is that their husbands have gone astray. I get a lot of mail in this regard, as I am not in a position to address everyone individually I am giving this unique procedure and Attraction Mantra on How to control your husband .

Powerful Mohini Mantra

This is another powerful Mohini Attraction Mantra , which is said to attract and influence any one you wish to bring under your influence. To practice what you need is to procure 27 teeth of a horse. These teeth have to be then woven into a necklace.After doing this whenever you wish to attract anyone, you have to face towards the East and then hold the necklace in your hand and recite this mantra 1101 times. The word ‘amuk‘ has to be replaced by the name of the person whom you wish to attract.

Civil War in India(2012)?

2012 are coming, and it is coming fast. We do not know what to expect, because there are so many theories. One of the theories is a huge war, and maybe even a civil war. This post will focus on a Civil War in India – 2012. The New World Order 2012 may result in a huge civil war in India. If a civil war should break out in India, then who will fight who?

Mantra to increase business

This is a specific Wealth Mantra which has been prescribed for shopkeepers and traders whose business depends upon the inflow of customers. The practice of the mantra is simple, on Monday morning the shopkeeper should bring pieces or beads of white sandalwood. These beads should be woven in a blue thread. Then these woven beads should be held in the hand and the mantra should be recited 21 times. This willabhimintrit [bind] the beads with the mantra.

How will NWO affect India?

NWO stands for New World Order, and is a conspiracy about the most powerful people in the world, who are pulling the strings behind the curtain. The New World Order 2012 is coming, but how will this affect countries and especially India?

Home remedy to improve sexual health

Most people complain of lack of vigor and vitality in both physical as well as mental activity. This affects their Sexual Health as they find themselves lacking the vitality required to satisfy themselves as well as their partners. These problems are the side effects of modern day life and the all round tensions created by continuous flow of demand.

Mantra to know the future

This is an extremely powerful Aghori Mantra from the ancient Hindu text the Rudrayamala Tantra which has been described as the mantra which if you master,then the Karna Pisachini Yakshini answers your questions about the future in your ears. A Karna Pisachini is a feminine form of invisible beings known as Yaksha [ male ] and Yakshini [ female ] with immense powers who are said to perform specific tasks.

Simple experiment for success

This is an extremely easy procedure given to achieve success for all those of you who find it difficult to pronounce and recite Mantra and Prayers , especially the non Indian readers. This procedure has to be started on any Saturday .The first thing after getting up in the morning is to look at your Palms carefully and lovingly and kiss them three times.

Dating in the New World Order

Dating is one of the most discussed and most anticipated subjects on the planet. Everyone wants to love and be loved. Dating affects many people because they want to find the one, whom they can share their lives with. Today we have many different dating methods, because dating is very different and can vary very much depending on where you live. Cultural and national traditions affect the way of dating and how the loved ones are found. A one world government can change that very quickly.

Jobs and Working in the New World Order

Having a job and going to work every single day is a part many people’s lives. We work and get the money that we have been promised by our respective bosses. But what will happen to the jobs and the way of working hard after the New World Order? Will the world really end in 2012, the world that we know? I believe many more jobs will be created if the world as we know it changes to a New World Order

Economics of the New World Order

If the New World Order succeeds then we will have a lot of change in the world. We will see a one world government and people even think that the world will end, but will the world really end in 2012? No one is sure about that yet, we just have to wait and see. Another huge change will be the economics and finances in the world. If we have a one world government, we would most likely also have one currency all over the world. We may experience the same product prices all over the world; this is called Global Pricing.

The Average Man – New World Order

What does the Average Joe have to do with the New World Order? There are many things the Average Man should be aware of, when it comes to the New World Order. Here are 3 reasons why the New World Order will affect the Average Man: If the New World Order People succeed with their plan in creating a one world government, then we will all live in “another country”.

New World Order – The Basics

The New World Order is a conspiracy theory about very powerful people pulling the strings behind the curtains. People are talking about this conspiracy, but no one is really sure what to believe. This article will tell you the basics about the New World Order.