The meaning of the 4th Seal

The 4th Seal of Death describes the Kaliyuga in its totality and peak. This will be the condition of the World in the coming World Climax. Governance and the accompanying laws will collapse and this will give rise to a kind of ‘jungle raj’. The signs of this ‘jungle raj’ or the beginning of it is visible in many parts of the World including India.

The Prophecies about India and also those about Nostradamus also point to the coming climax. This will now start accelerating and gain momentum in the near future. The World as we see it today will mutate into what I have described in the coming World Climax.

Revelation-6:7-8 –The 4th Seal - Death
Fourth Seal Bible 3D Image
Fourth Seal Bible
And when he opened the 4th seal…I looked and beheld a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death and with the beasts of the earth.

The pale horse and what mounts him represents unprecedented wide spread death, destruction and hell. With the desperate shortfall of food due to wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, pollution and disasters, men will become like animals in their quest for survival. They will turn to huge violence, and will kill for a chapatti or a plate of rice.

Domestic animals will soon be completely devoured. Pets will be snatched away for food. So also will the wild animals be trapped and eaten. This will cause shortage of food for the predatory animals, and they will turn man-eaters in their natural instinct for survival. It is likely that cannibalism will become widespread in many places.

One quarter of the world’s population will die in the famines and the accompanying pestilences and violence. This will be by far the greatest loss of life and property ever witnessed in the history of mankind.

This period of time, which the 4th seal describes, is the time for the arrival of the 10th and final Avatar of Vishnu the Kalki Avatar on earth. The one who is seen by the Bible prophets opening the seal is none other than Vishnu who they visualize as the Lamb. This is true the Lamb or Christ as also everything else is a part of Vishnu and Vishnu is present in all these parts.

After opening the 4th seal Vishnu will manifest on the earth as Kalki Avatar. The meaning of Kalki Avatar is ‘the remover of dirt’ and so will be his mission to rid the World of all the dirt present on its surface. Everything in the Universe is a part of and is governed by the THREE FORCES OF GOD or as Hindus call them Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the Creator, the Protector and the Destroyer. The balance amongst these three forces has to be maintained at all times. In case there is a very high degree of imbalance, the three forces start auto correcting. The present period is the beginning of the auto correction.

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