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Journey of the soul

During each incarnation, the soul becomes more and more refined, this unending process continues till the evolution of the soul reaches the stage where it becomes God. This is where the process stops and the soul and God become one.

This is a unique description of the journey of the soul after the material body perishes
Source- Clothed with the Sun by Anna Kingsford.

When a person dies, a portion of the soul remains unconsumed, untransmuted, that is, into spirit. The soul is fluid, and between it and vapor is this analogy. When there is a large quantity of vapor in a small space it becomes condensed, and is thick and gross. But when a portion is removed, the rest becomes refined, and is rarer and purer.

So it is with the soul. By the transmutation of a portion of its material the rest becomes finer, rarer, and purer, and continues to do so more and more until after many incarnations, made good use of--the whole of the soul is absorbed into the Divine Spirit, and becomes one with God, making God so much the richer for the usury. This is the celestial Nirvana.

But, though becoming pure Spirit, or God, the individual retains his individuality; so that instead of all being merged in the One, the One becomes Many. Thus has God become millions. We, too, are legion, and therein resemble God. God is multitudes and nations, and kingdoms, and tongues. And the sound of God is as the sound of many waters.


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