Jobs and Working in the New World Order

Having a job and going to work every single day is a part many people’s lives. We work and get the money that we have been promised by our respective bosses. But what will happen to the jobs and the way of working hard after the New World Order? Will the world really end in 2012, the world that we know?

I believe many more jobs will be created if the world as we know it changes to a New World Order

But that is not necessarily a good thing, because the jobs will be very difficult ones to a very very low wage. The jobs could be the dirty jobs like mining and doing boring manual jobs, which could have been replaced by robots.

Just imagine if the whole world changed overnight, what would happen to you? Would you still be going to the same job as you did the day before? Just imagine if you lived in Japan right before the earthquake and the tsunami. After the earthquake and the tsunami hit, you became jobless and had no place to live. Imagine if the same thing happened when the whole world changed to a new world order. This would be catastrophic to everyone; this includes you and your family.

Many people take a specific education to get a specific job, because these jobs are the most wanted jobs and most secure jobs in the future. If the world changes then the most secure jobs won’t be the most secure anymore. There is actually nothing that you can be 100 percent sure of anymore, because the world is changing so quickly. The best thing you can do is to keep fighting against a New World Order.

This post is created by our guest blogger, who answers the question; will the world really end in 2012?


    Look at the video. The New World Order is planning something like that. They are going to convert the whole earth like that. There won't be any nations, old religions etc. There will be only zones on earth. They will even rename Earth and give it a new name like Pandora or something. There won't be any old temples, worship of old deities etc. It will be a new world altogether.


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