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Hanuman Aarti-English Hindi

Hanuman is the Hindu God of confidence, courage, strength, devotion, loyalty amongst numerous qualities. Hanuman is the God in the Hindu religion who is immortal. The worship of Hanuman is an integral part and parcel of the Hindu religion. This is an Aarti in praise of Hanuman. The Aarti is said normally after lighting lamps made of cotton wicks in an earthen pot before the deity. This Aarti if said with complete devotion will give the devotee confidence, courage, strength, devotion, loyally and keep him free from evil energies and hidden enemies. The karma of the devotee will also be cleaned and he will be free from the lingering karma of past deeds and lives.

How to manage Anxiety

Anxiety is that unpleasant feeling you get, when you perceive certain unpleasant or unwanted probabilities, which are likely to happen in the future. Anxiety is triggered off by the stress, which one feels about the likely outcome of what one perceives as unavoidable certainties. Anxiety is always accompanied by a variety of physical effects like excess heartbeats, excessive sweating, and fluctuations in blood pressure and heartbeats and numerous other symptoms. There are also psychological and emotional problems like hypertension etc.

Iceland volcano-not the big one

The Iceland volcano has again triggered off the end of the world on 21 December 2012 debate. The Iceland volcano comes on the heels of the major earthquake in Haiti. I have already given my reasons why the world won’t end on 21 December 2012, you can rest assured on that. The Iceland volcano or the Haiti earthquakes are not the big ones, which everyone is waiting for. The big earthquake or volcano when it come is going to trigger off destruction of a magnitude which has never been witnessed before, The big one will create changes in the structure of the earth, and this is going to have far reaching consequences as far as climate is concerned, the ocean waters will rise and low lying areas will disappear into the sea.

Smash the tobacco habit by hypnosis

The use of auto suggestion in hypnosis works wonders in smashing the habit of smoking and chewing tobacco. HYPNOSIS by using auto suggestion promises sure cure, in cases where every other method of cure might have failed. If the subject processes a good imagination, well developed powers of concentration and a strong will, he can go for ‘all at once ‘success or otherwise he can follow the gradual method of cure.


The Hymn to Dakshinamurti composed by Adi Shankaracharya has a very deep and profound meaning. Shankaracharaya speaks of the real nature of consciousness, as it is and not what is imagined of it. Shankaracharaya strives to spread the knowledge of the self and how realisation can be achieved by becoming aware of the self.Shankaracharaya teaches how to get out the false illusion which stops you from knowing yourselves.

Who is eligible for a CNA Practice Test?

Are you prepared to appear for the CNA examination? If you feel nervous or not sure how you would perform in competency evaluation test, then following details would help you to get prepare and judge your competency to pass the competency examination.


Recently I had a past life regression subject one Prakash Patel [name changed], a 38 year old chemical engineer. He is a well built person about 6 feet tall and 90 Kilogrammes. His problem was that at least once a day he experienced an uncontrollable sexual urge, which he felt was engulfing his entire body. When he experienced this uncontrollable urge his entire thought process changed and all that came to his mind was sex and more sex,and it seemed to him that he had lost control over his mind, and was desperate to indulge in any type and kind of sexual activity.


Karma has been a part and parcel of Hindu scriptures and texts since time immemorial. Ancient Hindus believed in the consequences of Karma and the resulting CHAIN REACTION OF KARMA . This chain reaction is said to carry on after death and continue into the next birth/births. This is an endless cycle and will continue till the consequences of the previous Karma are erased completely.


These two poems of Kabir translated in English by the by the great poet, novelist, musician, and playwright, Rabindranath Tagore, gives a glimpse into the period of no-creation and the beginning of creation. The poems are easy to understand, as is the case with most of Kabir’s poems. Kabir who was a realized soul and hence fully aware in the true sense of the word, was able to transcend time and space and have a look at no-creation and the beginning of creation.


Kabir the great mystic, saint and poet, was a realized person. Kabir through his poetry, written in simple language spoke of his experiences in realization and awareness. The language used is very simple and easy to understand, and not the one which was used in his times, full of technical and religious terms.


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Time is a system created to arrange actions in an orderly manner, to create a set sequence so as to facilitate the comparison and measurement of actions in a standard manner. Time is commonly believed to have begun with the big bang, when creation first began, this is not true Time is Timeless.


This particular Quatrain of Nostradamus is the one mentioning India and the Hindu religion specifically. This is a Quatrain which it appears will be fulfilled in the near future. We have watch out for the specific dating carefully. Century 10-96 Religion du nom des mers vaincra, Contre la secte fils Adaluncatif, Secte obstinée deplorée craindra, Des deux blessez par Aleph & Aleph. The Religion of the name of the seas will win out Against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif, The obstinate lamented sect will be afraid The two wounded by Aleph & Aleph.


Proper education of children is of paramount importance. In recent times it has been observed that wrong notions, ambition of parents, the need to match peers has lead to great distress amongst children. The improper feeding of knowledge has mutated fresh minds, and will in the future change the very foundation of society.


Karma is a Sanskrit word, derived from ‘Kri’meaning action or deed. Every mental and physical action is called Karma; every action produces its reaction or result, which is known as Karma. The laws of Karma include both the action and the result governed by the irresistible law of ‘causation’ Under the law of Karma, there is no such thing as chance or an accident. What one knows as chances or accidents are in reality the products of some definite causes, which one is not aware of beforehand. That, which appears to be accidental or providential, is nothing but a natural and inevitable incident. Chances, luck and misfortune are also governed absolutely by the law of causation or Karma.


Physical maladjustment has numerous forms, please also keep in mind that most of these forms are psychological than physiological. Physiological factors too play a vital role in enhancing love relations. Marital disturbances due to physical factors can be corrected through medical means and marriage involves so many emotional elements, and the lack of integration of these may lead to physical relationship related problems.


Here I am giving some fruitful educational suggestions aimed at overcoming physical relationships related problems and misconceptions. Each suggestion is preceded by a wrong notion which is generally the root cause of impotence or some other malfunctioning. These suggestions can easily be implanted into your sub-conscious through the use of HYPNOSIS .


Energy is never destroyed, and this energy includes that energy which makes up the human body. After studying deeply various scriptures, and the teachings of numerous gurus, I have come up with what I think is the best explanation of what really happens after one dies. This explanation, which I am giving here, is influenced by the teachings of Shri. Yukteswar where Yukteswar explains to his disciple Yogananda the journey of the soul or what is the energy, which powers the human body.


At the beginning of the Tribulation or WORLD CLIMAX , God will sent two supernaturally empowered prophets, who will witness, warn the people and prophecies, the events happening in the world for 3.5 years at the beginning of the Tribulation. The Bible PROPHECIES , in this regard are of utmost importance, and have to be taken seriously.


Black holes have been described in the ancient Hindu Scriptures, these Scriptures date back thousands of years in time and the exact origin and dating and authors of these Scriptures cannot be traced. The contents of these Scriptures are applicable even today, and not time bound like that of the Scriptures of manmade religions.


The large Hadron Collider, whose primary mission is to find the God particle or Higgs particle, has been successful in causing an ultra high-speed particle collision. This is a welcome development, as it heralds in a bend in the evolutionary cycle of mankind. The chain reaction has been set in motion, and a roll back is impossible. Those persons who tried to stop, and in the future will try to stop this evolutionary change will fail, no one can stop the natural flow of the cycle of evolution.


Kabir approximately 1440AD-1518AD was a great Indian saint and mystic. His poetry written in simple language, unlike the religious texts of his day, is easy to understand by anyone.Kabir’s poetry had a major influence on most religions at that time. Kabir combined the best of Sufism, Vedanta, and Hindu and Buddhist teachings.


Sexual urge manifests in each and every person, trying to find someone without this natural urge is like finding a needle in a haystack. There is nothing abnormal about experiencing a Sexual urge or even feeling overwhelmed by it. Sexual urge is nothing but the Creative force in nature, which is manifesting itself in your body; the primary function of this creative force is creation. Each and every living being is created through Sexual intercourse, and Sexual urge is what powers intercourse.