Smash the tobacco habit by hypnosis

The use of auto suggestion in hypnosis works wonders in smashing the habit of smoking and chewing tobacco. HYPNOSIS by using auto suggestion promises sure cure, in cases where every other method of cure might have failed. If the subject processes a good imagination, well developed powers of concentration and a strong will, he can go for ‘all at once ‘success or otherwise he can follow the gradual method of cure.

In the case of ‘all at once’ cure and success there is bound to be acute suffering in consequence of sudden abstinence from smoking or chewing tobacco. But such suffering can be cured or alleviated to a great extent by a new session of hypnosis and auto suggestions. I recommend the ‘all at once method’

The miraculous powers of AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS are well known. After getting your subject in the somnambulistic state, the following suggestions can work wonders,

Smash your smoking habit at once or you are a prime candidate for lung cancer.

Smash the smoking habit or you will lose all your energy, and end up as a lethargic person with no drive or vitality.
It is now or never, this is your last and only chance to regain your health or you will end up as a hopeless addict.
Remember you will not smoke or chew tobacco after walking.
You have the capacity to overcome this habit and you want to overcome this habit.
You don’t want to smoke do you?
Promise me not to smoke again.
Promise me that you are going to smash your habit of smoking at once.

Smash Tobacco By Hypnosis 3D Image
Smash Tobacco By Hypnosis
These suggestions have to be repeated very slowly, in a commanding and persuasive voice. Till the promise is obtained. Any such promise obtained when the subject is in the state of deep hypnosis or somnambulistic state is sure to work, as in this state, any suggestion you make reaches the sub-conscious of the subject. Hence, a permanent imprint is created on the subject’s sub-conscious.

In treating patients in the somnambulistic state for the weaning of the tobacco habit, it is extremely useful to try the regression method and taking the subject back into the earlier periods of his life when the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco was unknown to him. When the subject is taken back into his early life, he must be told never to smoke or chew tobacco, which he did not do when he was a boy. He must also be reminded how healthy and energetic he was when he was a boy. And a promise should be obtained from him, after suggesting to him the dangers of the use of tobacco.

Those with strong will power and determination can try the use of self hypnosis, without the help of an operator or hypnotist. The same suggestions can be used on yourselves, these suggestions are sure to work, as the interrelation of SELF HYPNOSIS AND THE SUB CONSCIOUS is well known and documented.


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