Karma is a Sanskrit word, derived from ‘Kri’meaning action or deed. Every mental and physical action is called Karma; every action produces its reaction or result, which is known as Karma. The laws of Karma include both the action and the result governed by the irresistible law of ‘causation’

Under the law of Karma, there is no such thing as chance or an accident. What one knows as chances or accidents are in reality the products of some definite causes, which one is not aware of beforehand. That, which appears to be accidental or providential, is nothing but a natural and inevitable incident. Chances, luck and misfortune are also governed absolutely by the law of causation or Karma.

God or by whatever name or form one wishes to call him by is neither unjust nor partial, and everything which happens is in accordance with ones actions. Energy is never destroyed and action is energy. Any action howsoever insignificant it may seem, or even go unnoticed triggers off a chain reaction, which goes on and on.

If one plants mangos, one cannot get apples or if one sows, rice one cannot get wheat. Each and everyone is the master of his Karma. Here one has to realize and understand that it is useless to pray like a man possessed or visit holy places and shrines, because it won’t prevent one from getting mangoes or rice. You won’t get anything other than what you sow

If one has a look at the larger picture, you will understand the law of Karma, and how the doctrine of Karma alone explains and reconciles man to the terrible and apparent injustices of life. This knowledge prevents him from cursing life or his fellow beings or God. Only the doctrine of Karma can explain why people suffer, although they might have done nothing wrong in life.

Here comes the all-important question, how can you attribute the sufferings of people collectively throughout history. There is a common answer, if one has a look at the sufferings given to millions by someone like Adolf Hitler. Hitler was elected as a popular leader, as a result of the overwhelming votes cast in his favour.Then, the masses had a look at the policies of Hitler, yet no one protested. The neighboring nations did not come together to stop Hitler, when they had the chance, that is before his blood bath began. The sufferings unleashed by Hitler were due to the collective Karma, of the people who did not stop him when they had the chance to do so.

Chain Reaction of Karma
Here I must point out that inaction is also Karma. Inaction due to cowardice, diplomacy or just plain indifference is also Karma, and the fruits will also be likewise. Now the obvious question will be asked why did the Jewish people suffer so terribly at the hands of Hitler. Their Karma is also collective, and goes back thousands of years back in time, it was inherited Karma, probably the inherited professions and businesses which resulted in bad Karma, which was exploited by Hitler with the silence of cowardice by the overwhelming majority of the population.

The chain reaction of the policies of Hitler against the Jews lead to the formation of the nation of Israel, which until then was just a dream for a small fragment of the Jewish population. The formation of the nation of Israel has not stopped the chain reaction; much more will follow as this has adversely disturbed the Palestinians.

Karma and the chain reactions will go on and on. As the eminent astrologer, Prof.K.S.Krishnamurti once said ‘The whole world is a huge theatre.The cinema of life goes on forever. Every individual is an actor. The past. The future and the present are already fixed in the roll of the films. The future will be shown in the same order without any alteration, and we enjoy and suffer as time passes on without any modification. The roll of film already taken is according to the Karma done by us in the previous birth and the story is the result in this birth and it cannot be changed.’’

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