Will The World End on 23 September 2015

September 23rd 2015 is among the list of dates predicted by Christian, Jewish and Bible prophecy interpretations as the day when the world ends or as the day when a huge calamity of unimaginable magnitude strikes the earth. Some prophecy interpretations see this as the day of the much awaited  Second Coming of Jesus Christ others as the Day of the Opening of the 6th Seal, still others as Day of Rapture, which occurs around the time of the Second Coming. The date has also been linked to the famous Blood Moons prophecy and also to the riddle of Isaac Newton.

 I have also seen some people link it to the CERN [large hadron collider] Experiment, which is said to be entering a new phase on or around the period of 23 rd September 2015. Interestingly CERN and its role in the end of the world prophecy are linked to the Nataraja Statute at CERN. Nataraja is symbolic of Shiva performing the Tandava or the continuously ongoing interplay or the Cosmic Dance of Creation [Brahma Tatva], Preservation [Vishnu Tatva] and Destruction [Shiva Tatva].

Some of the more popular catastrophic events prophesied for 23rd September 2015 are-
A comet/asteroid strike, most probably in the Pacific Ocean, which triggers off huge tsunamis and drowns most of the land mass of the world.
The much-awaited mother of all earthquakes.
The mother of all volcanoes.
A magical paranormal event – the Second Coming or the Rapture.
An alien Invasion, alien sighting or alien contact.
Interestingly destruction through nuclear, biological or chemical weapons or the Third World War does not figure prominently in the probable end times forecasts for 23rd September 2015.

The last time one witnessed such frenzy [a much much bigger one] was the period leading to 21st December 2012, which was believed to be the exact dating of the end of the world Mayan prophecy. I had then written that there would be no end of the world on 21st December 2015 and today am saying that the same is true of the 23rd December 2015 prophecy.

According to me and I have said it many times before in many earlier articles, based upon my interpretations of Hindu and Nostradamus  prophecies the world will never be completely destroyed  but there will be huge destruction, which will wipe out most of the population of the world and this will happen without warning and completely out of the blue.

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