World Situation when Kalki Avatar Comes

Will Kaki Avatar come before, during or after the great war of Armageddon, is something, which we have debated and written about extensively for a long time. There are some conflicts and variations between various prophetic sources as to exact Global situation when Kalki Avatar comes. I have discovered another reliable prophecy, which could shed some light on the condition of the world when Kalki Avatar Comes.

The 7th and last Trumpet heralds the end of the Tribulation, the 6 years and 329 days of war, strife, natural disasters, death and destruction of an unimaginable magnitude. This Bible Prophecy speaks of the union between the Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth. The one from heaven Jesus Christ [Kalki Avatar] will rule forever and ever. The Bible Prophecy speaks of “His Christ” this should read “His Avatar” the Kalki Avatar.

This Bible Prophecy says as I interpret it that Kalki Manifests when the Tribulation or great chaos and unimaginable destruction is coming to a climax, the final count stages. The 7th Trumpet in the Bible Prophecy is again followed by the 7 Bowls of Wrath or 7 Last Plagues – Severe Sores, Sea of Blood, Rivers of Blood, Scorching Heat, Darkness and Severe Pain, Battle of Armageddon and Ultimate Earthquakes and Hailstorms.

Thus if we take the prophecy at face value, Kalki comes during the final 3 ½ of the Tribulation. The destructive events mentioned above are the high point of the age of Darkness the Kali Yuga and will occur in quick succession or almost simultaneously; this is when Kalki Avatar comes.

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  1. pranam neel ji...
    mein ek business man hu aur mera business nahi chal raha hai kyuki mere yaha mera compitator hai jo tantriko ke pass jata hai..
    yadi uska kaam na ho raha ho vo kuch asa karta hai ki 15 min mein jitne log aas paas hotte hai sab uske pass chale jatte hai aur automatically le lete hai without any bargain plus uske amounts pe...
    hamare guru roj uska kaat karte hai lekin hume 10 saal se kuch parmanent solution nahi mila...
    mein ye bhi nahi chahta ki ska kaam na ho lekin hamara kaam ko to vo na kheche...hamari sari postive vibes vo apne yaha le leta hai..ap kuch asa bataeye jisse hamara kaam firse thek ho jae aur jo vo karta hai uska asar hamare kaam pe na ho...
    vo roj kuch na kuch karta hai aur hamare guru roj uska kaat karte hai...plz help us

  2. Dear sir,
    We are thank ful for the pain taken by you in compiling this one by one which itself is a self explantory.We in Andhra pradesh believe that the same almost prophecies given by Great reverred Saint/Prophet/God Sri MADVIRAT POTULURI VEERA BRAHMENDRA SWAMY who also explained to the people and given KALA JNANAM verses in many volumes which were sung in villages of Karnataka,Tamil nadu,Andhra pradesh .He also gave the time and arrival of Kalki avatar for the up gradation of Hindu dharma

  3. Jayanthi he and Nostradamus are one and the same Avatars

  4. Good article, there Muslims can join
    online Quran to know more about what Islam says.

  5. Great work you have done select excellent topic and well written blog thanks for the sharing keep sharing about Islam and Quran Online .

  6. But why is 666 in your website name? U too part of illuminati?


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