Predictions of World War 3 by Nostradamus

The Great War, which has been spoken of since the Biblical times, looks inevitable and it appears that the countdown has started.

This war, which has been described as Armageddon or simply World War 3, is most likely to be sequence of events; a series of wars; a chain reaction.

Nuclear weapons are going to be used freely and the destruction is going to be widespread and unprecedented. No part of the world is going to escape the effects and after effects of this war.

I have described this war in my interpretations of Hindu and Biblical prophecies. Here I am giving only the prophecies of Nostradamus regarding World War – 3.

Prophecies of Nostradamus on Iraq
Nostradamus predicts the occupation of Britain
Nostradamus predicts Americans will be defeated
Nostradamus prediction of Submarine attack on USA
Nostradamus visualizing Nuclear attack
Nostradamus predicts destruction of Pakistan
Nuclear war due to French neglect - Nostradamus
Nostradamus - Description of nuclear war
Nostradamus - one of the causes of World War - 3
Attack on Iran could trigger World War 3
Third Antichrist advance into Spain
Iran assassinations a plot to start world war 3
Nostradamus predicts nuclear strike on New York
Nostradamus- New York destroyed in an instant
NewWorld Order preparing for World War 3
Nostradamus - assassinations to trigger World War 3
Countdown to World War 3 started
Nostradamus - use of biological and chemical weapons in World War 3
Nostradamus - WMD destroy France and Italy
Nostradamus on sequence of events leading to world War 3
World War 3 comes suddenly
Prediction of NATO Forces defeated
Nostradamus - Miracle before World War 3
Will Barack Obama start World War 3
World will wake up to World War - 3
Will Syria Attack Trigger Of World War 3
Nostradamus on Russia USA World War 3
Nostradamus Timing of Third World War
Nostradamus Reason and Timing of World War 3

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  1. Lots of good links, thanks, I am still reading through them all. You could also add some modern predictions as well, like Edgar Cayce's. Or predictions by different organizations, like here third world war

  2. Nostradamus mentioned the fact of 92 Years peace subsisting between the end of the 2nd World War and the 3rd world war. Hence it is clear that the 3rd world war will begin by 2037. Lord Kalki would appear at that time. it is clear that a little known text has not been mentioned about in your website- Kalgnanam written by Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy predicting his reincarnation as Sree Veerabhoga Vasantaraya (Lord Kalki). Please go through my website-


  4. Seriously it would be a blessing if we had a new start and hopefully although i doubt it people has been smarter this time

  5. Lots of comment..... let's all wait and see. Only Allah knows better

  6. Allah knows better. Amantu Bil Lahi WA Rasul.

  7. Naimatullah Shah Wali a prophet who settled in Kashmir predicted that India which gets into a war with Pakistan will initially win but reinforcements arrive from Turkey, Afghanistan and many other countries including China would make deep inroads till Uttar Pradesh. He predicted that Islam will be popular in India for 40 Years. Chinese and Pakistan occupation of India ( China and India will fight a bloody war in which billions will die predicted by a Vietnamese prophet- Nguyen Binh Khiem as well as Swami Vivekananda).

  8. Last war will be muslims vs rest of the world

  9. Hii Nostradamus and naimatullah shah wali here in his next life as bankupalli Ravi Shankar after curse by lord Krishna in the dwapara yuga who told me to touch his feet and I did not touch as I was afraid he will kill me. We know lord kalki will be born by exhibiting his four hands and his parents in 2025 would pray for him to assume his two armed form as a human being would have just like his Krishna reincarnation. We are past war after 1999, 2012 natural disasters, 2019 collapse of European and US monetary system and the collapse of the central banks and the stock markets. We have covid which emerged in 2019 as people returned to original pre 2012 of eating too much animal foods in 2016-17 instead of probing the Mayan prophecy of these people who told US would be revisited by retribution for killing the Mayans who co existed with nature and ate minimal animal foods after occupying north america in 1776 after destroying the Mexicans. An horoscope of any people or country can be improved by knowing and apologizing for their past mistakes, making amends, reducing mistakes, praying to lord Indra who gave a life span of 40 years for north indians and lord Shani who gave a lufe span of 60 years for south indians. One also by doing charity by helping others who are poorer than him also earns merits. Thus by chanting Indra and Shani mantras of om Shri indradeva namaha or om shri Shanideva namaha or for south indians one can use Sree instead of Shri as a powerful reincarnation of Sree veerabrahmendra swamy who was lord Vishnu himself happened in Kandimallipalli village, cuddapah of rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh in the southern part of India. US would see some backlash or race riots and gun shootings and killings would peak till 2022 and taper off by 2027 and the world will emerge as a heaven on Earth.


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