Nostradamus on Russia USA World War 3

Talk of a possible Russian- American war, leading to the third world war, is very much in the air at the present moment of time.  The Ukraine crises over Crimea has given a golden opportunity to the Americans and their allies to take the first step; the trade war. Will this eventually be to trigger to the much awaited and expected third world war; let us see what the prophecies of Nostradamus have to say on this.

The most relevant prediction, that could be attributed to this coming war, according to me is the huge and widespread nuclear strike that is predicted in Century 2, Quatrain 91, that visualizes, what can only be described as a multiple nuclear strike somewhere in the northern hemisphere of the world. This includes USA and the whole of Europe, covering the USA and its allies.

This prophecy describes unprecedented destruction of life and property as the result of these multiple nuclear strikes. This strike is interestingly timed in the early hours of the day, as the first light breaks through, and the fires will be visible at dawn.

The predictions about New York City, about which, I had written extensively in the past, are certainly linked to the prophecy, mentioned above and are most probably a part of these nuclear strikes or a chain reaction triggered off by these strikes. The New York Predictions, also visualize huge fires and widespread poisoning, which could be a result of the nuclear radiation, in the aftermath of the nuclear attack.

There are also numerous other predictions made by Nostradamus, on nuclear war, these could also be part of the same chain reaction triggered of by the main strike and also some regional and local rivalries, involving other countries.

One hopes that the American- Russian standoff does not lead to the scenes visualized by Nostradamus in the predictions mentioned above. However, I may add that the prophecies described above and in various section of this site have to be fulfilled at some time or the other, probably even in the near future.

There is too much diverse energy being expended into the atmosphere everyday and it is increasing day by day. Energy is never destroyed and it keeps on manifesting in one form or the other, it needs an outlet to express itself. As the population of the world keeps growing unchecked, the conflicts will be on the rise and this could eventually lead to destructive conflicts, which along with natural disasters is nature’s way of keeping the population growth in check. This is also the basic principle of Hindu Cosmology on the balance between the Creative, Protective and Destructive energies or the Satva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas.

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