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Yantra Spell to Exorcise Brahma Rakshasa Demon

Brahma Rakshasas are considered in Hindu Mystic Tantras to be the most powerful of the numerous ghostly entities, believed to populate the World, normally unseen and unheard. Indian Mythology is replete with examples of some Brahma Rakshasas, who became so powerful that the even challenged the Gods for supremacy.

These powerful Demons are said to be the spirits of extremely learned and spiritually advanced persons, whose egos were inflated to such an extent, under the illusions of Maya that they committed huge sins against humanity and began to think that they had became even more powerful than the Supreme Being.

In order to teach them the final lesson and aid their ultimate liberation, they were turned into Brahma Rakshasas, after their destruction.  There are some temples dedicated to certain Brahma Rakshasas in India where Brahma Rakshasa worship is practiced.

The Tantra says that there are rare cases when a person becomes possessed by a Brahma Rakshasa.  In such cases is prescribed a Yantra, which is said to act as an Exorcism Spell in exorcising a possessed person who has come under the clutches of a Brahma Rakshasa .
An India Spell which exorcises a demon from a possessed person
Yantra Spell to Exorcise Brahma Rakshasa Demon

This Yantra has to be drawn on the leaf of a Gular Tree [Indian or Cluster Fig Tree in English]. Raktchandana [Red Sandalwood Paste] has to be used as the ink and a pointed wooden stick as the pen. Then it has to be tied on the right forearm of the person possessed by the Demon.

After this, a polite address is made to the Demon to leave the body of the possessed person.

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