Yantra [Talisman] to Exorcise Empty House

It is a common belief that a house, which has been left empty for some time, attracts ghosts, spirits and other such mystic and supernatural entities. Such entities, though not always, malefic or harmful, stay in such a house and believe that it is their legitimate place of residence. In this post, I will explain who such a house, believed to be haunted can be exorcised by using a specific Indian Yantra [Talisman].

The Yantra given here is believed to be a most powerful exorcism Talisman. It has to be drawn as shown in the diagram on one wall in each of the rooms of the empty haunted house, including the bathrooms and balconies. The ink used has to be a paste of Yaksha Kardam, a fragranced substance, used in Hindu Rituals in India; the writing instrument should be a pointed wooden stick.

An Indian Charm to Exorcise a Haunted House.
Yantra [Talisman] to Exorcise Empty House

The Yantra is composed of numbers written in Devanagari script; however, the language is not that important, the numbers can be written in any other language, like English.

Once the Yantra has been written on the walls, a short prayer or polite and respectful address is made to the resident ghosts. The address should be something like this –“Respected Deity, kindly go back to your original place”

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