Most Powerful Mohini Yantra

Most people in the world wish to enchant someone or the other, be it the lover, wife, husband, boss, financier, business associate, customer or even an enemy.  The traditional Indian Tantra of enchantment and attraction gives a huge variety of remedies for this purpose. In this particular post is published a most powerful Mohini Yantra to enchant and attract any one; including those mentioned above.

This is a do-it –yourself enchantment charm. The Yantra has to be prepared as shown in the diagram given below on a white piece of paper. It has to be written with Saffron [Kesar] Ink. For preparing Saffron Ink, a few strands of Saffron have to be put in a few drops of water or milk. Once the ink is prepared it has to be written on the white piece of paper with a pointed stick.

A most powerful Indian Charm to attract and enchant anyone
Most Powerful Mohini Yantra

The name of the person sought to be enchanted has to be written in the center. Then The Mohini Yantra is to be worn on the body, in a Gold, Stainless Steel or Silver Locket or it can be kept in the pocket [not the purse or wallet]. There is no infusion or energisation process for this Yantra and it can be prepared on any day.

Again friends whether to practice these remedies is left to the reader, I do not vouch for the success or failure of these experiments.

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  1. sir in how many days i see the effect.....did any anyone try this...please reply

  2. how nice the blog site it is ! unbelievable ! Its photos and web page design is looking awesome like our site yantra

  3. I am truly facinated. The solutions given here might have helped many people with rightful and honest intentions.
    I would like to thank the founder author for his intense research of all these priceless mantras yantras and remedies.
    In all my search I found only Paid services for remedies or half the knowledge of the procedures.
    I hope to see many more mystical truths in this site.
    Thank You Sir

  4. can i write the persons name in english or in my regional language

    1. Yes, you can write the name of the desired person in the center in English or your Mother Tongue.

  5. Namaste to everyone.
    After a year and half I am here. Seekers who have experimented with the yantra and got success please post your experiences here for the benefit of other seekers.Shukriya

  6. I have myselves tried using vashikaran yantras. It has a wonderful effect but unfortunately the effect is not permanent. Circumstances come when that person keeps getting attracted towards you nd finds helpless for not being with u. It's very difficult to keep preparing nd carrying a yantra lifetime. Also, the effect subdues over a period of time. True love is d best for which we don't have to struggle. Again love gained by using yantras r not longlasting.

    1. can u plz share which yantra u tried & sucedded with wonderful results....

  7. Do I have to write a full name in center???

  8. The 2nd word in top line is "Ja" or "Na"?

  9. Pls provide a clear images as the words are not clear
    Mahendra Singh
    What's App - +919111310480

  10. is there any side effects of this yantra?and what to do after it get worn or torn?

  11. Dear @Neal sir if i like to attract everyone should I have to write anything in the middle portion or should i keep it blank. Thank u :)

  12. Can it be done on a regular sufite paper instead of metal?


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