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Detecting unknown Asteroids from Venus

Telescopes to discover (usually not big) unknown asteroids between Venus and Mars, may be conveniently put into months long wide orbits around Venus. (For 1-6 month long orbits, the orbit radii around Venus are in km 365,000, 585,000, 765,000, 925,000, 1,080,000, 1,215,000 or as factors of Luna's orbit radius 384,393km: .96, 1.52, 1.99, 2.42, 2.80, 3.16.) The different telescopes viewing positions will help such asteroid seeking telescopes compute the orbits of found asteroids, a few at possible future risk of some century getting knocked or deflected into the orbit path of Earth.

It will be useful to have the new special asteroids finding telescopes in months long orbits which will swing around above & below the planetary disk. Then over months this will cycle each telescope's position enough relative to background stars, so that an asteroid's viewed orbit path line's angle toward or away from the telescope, and also its present distances from the telescope & Sol, can be somewhat determined while it keeps getting spotted. Similarly for any telescopes in years long orbits around the Lagrangian L4 & L5 Venus orbit points, which are 60deg before and after Venus in its orbit.

Best would be if sometimes 2 from quite far apart positions around Venus, or orbiting around the Lagrangian L4 and L5 points before and after Venus in its orbit, spot it at the same time. Then their view path lines intersection would determine an asteroid's actual position distance (something like binocular vision) and thus would give its real orbit position.

To easily change an orbiting telescope's pointing angle, have a solid sphere (floating weightless here in orbit) surrounded by electromagnetic coils able to spin it in any direction. Giving the sphere mass a suitable direction spin will cause the telescope it's with, (and all else with it), to balance that spin by becoming slowly spun in the opposite direction. When the telescope gets tilted and aimed where now wanted, simply halt the sphere mass's spin, thus also then cleanly halting the telescope's temporary slow opposite spin.

The true orbit of an asteroid can eventually be determined well enough for any maybe later sent robotic collection to then nicely reach it, to study and monitor it's position and asteroid surface nature, to then beam to Earth asteroid libraries much better orbit & asteroid details, (while the telescope which found it is now scanning for ever more unknown asteroids).

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