Daily Mantra for Success

Today I will tell you an extremely simple Mantra Prayog to ensure success in whatever you do, every day. This 7 letter Mantra, which I have given here has to be chanted only 5 times daily, in the morning. This should preferably done after having a bath and wearing fresh clothes, so as to attract the best frequencies.

By daily success, is meant success in whatever you are going to do in the course of your day-to-day activities, be it in the job, business or even in love affairs. The only thing you should note is that your aspirations should be pure and not meant to hurt anyone.

Chanting the mantra just 5 times is not time consuming and anyone can successfully practice this mantra. The scriptures do no indicate any Siddhi Procedure to gain Mastery and hence it is not required.

ॐ उं, लीं, श्रीं, हुं फ़ट स्वाहा ||
Om Uam, Leem, Shreem, Hum Fatt Swaha ||

This mantra can also be practiced along with any other long term Mantra Sadhana or Prayog.

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  1. Guruji
    I am trying for last 2 months but not getting any job.

    I have tried simple remedy to get a job for ALUM n salt but nothing is helping me out.

    Please help me out to get a job

  2. hi vivek u have also job problem. same here. if u get so with this mantra so plz share.
    Thank You.

    1. HI Anita,

      Keep this mantra chanting regularly.

      Along with this I also opted for 33 A4 white sheets n I wrote name of Hanuman there both the sides at the centre of the page. Then I kept these pages at the feet of Lord Hanuman in the temple. I don't know how but it worked and within a week I got the offer letter.
      Also I didn't leave this mantra for chanting n still I am doing so.It must help you

  3. My both children Dayasagar& Deepak having following problem.
    2.Distraction or Loss of Focus through friends.
    3.Socoal addiction.
    4.Dietery problems

  4. Pranam Guruji,

    Me shabar mantra sadhana sikhna chahata hu.

    Krupaya aap meri madat kare

  5. Sir, is this mantra a Shabar mantra ? If it is not, then to which spiritual power it is dedicated to ?

    With regards..

    1. This Mantra is a combination of Beej Mantras/Sounds, which have their own power.

  6. Hello, I just want to know to which Gods belongs de beej mantras Uam en Leem. I never heard about these beeja's. And I see most on internet " hum phat" instead of "hum fatt". What is the correct pronunciation, phat or fatt? Thank you. Greetings from Belgium

  7. Hi. If practice this mantra intensely and wholeheartedly, will it get Siddhi powers?

  8. Can chant this mantra using shree yantra?



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