Pati Vashikaran Tantras

These are some more Pati Vashikaran Tantras, experiments, the ones that do not make the use of either a mantra or yantra.  In the Hindi language these experiments are called Yoni Aur Masik Dharm Ke Rakt Se Pati Ko Vash Karne Ke Tantric Totke. The Totke given in this post are Tantras to put a spell over a husband, enchant him and put him under your thumb or make him a slave as the text says. In this post are contained four different attraction experiments.

1] The woman desirous of controlling her husband has to take some White Mustard Seeds and the Panchang  [ Five parts] of the Pomegranate Tree [fruit, flower, leaf, branch and root]. Then she has to mix all the six ingredients mentioned above and grind them to prepare a fine paste. This past has to be applied by the woman on her Private Part. Then she has to go in front of her husband.

2] If the woman knows how to prepare Dhoop [incense sticks], she can prepare Dhoop of the wood of the Sour Lime Tree. The Dhoop has then to be offered by the woman to her Private Part before going in front of her husband.

3] Horse Gram Flour, Bael Leaves and Mansheel [a medicinal substance] are put in a Copper Utensil, filled with Mustard Oil and kept for seven days. Then the residue oil is used to apply a layer on the Private Part by the woman before going to meet her husband.

4] Mixing Gorochan with Menstrual Blood and applying a Tilak on the forehead and going before the husband, puts the husband under a Spell of Vashikaran.

These Pati Vashikaran Tantrasare given purely for information purposes and not to advocate their use. cannot vouch for the success or failure of these methods.

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