Vashikaran Havan Mantra Sadhana

This is a Vashikaran Tantra, which makes the use of a Havan to attract, enchant and put a woman under a spell. These are Aghori Prayogs as I have from time to time explained in various previous posts and hence they should be used with caution and for only for rightful and just purposes.

The steps given below have to be followed in order to perform this Vashikaran Prayog successfully.

A whole Betel Nut [Supari] has to be kept immersed in a Kalash filled with water.

A Havan of some small sized branches of the Mango Tree has offered and Ahutis of any edible Oil have to be offered to this Havan. The Havan should be conducted for about 15 minutes.

Then after completing the two steps given above, the practitioner has to start the chanting of the Vashikaran Mantra given in this post. In a matter of few days, the mantra has to be chanted 125,000 times. Any kind of counting rosary can be used to count the mantra.

आकाशकी योगिनी पातालका नाम उजडा अबीर तू कलाही के सुते सुखमें बैठे मुख फिर फिर देखे मरा |
मुख हमको छाँडि दुसरा कने जाय तो काटि कलेजा नाहरसिंह वीर खाय फ़ुरोमंत्र इश्वरी वाचा ||
Aakashki Yogini Paataalkaa Naam Uajadaa Abir Too Kalaahi Ke Sute Sukhmem Baithe Mukh Fir Fir Dekhe Maraa ||
Mukh Hamko Chhaamdi Dusra Kane Jaaya To Kaati Kaleja Naaharsimha Veer Khaaya Furomantra Ishwari Vaachaa ||

After the completion of the prescribed number of chants, the practitioner has to take out the immersed Betel Nut from the water and then burn it to ash.

When the Betel Nut is reduced to ash, the woman for whom the practitioner has done this experiment comes under his spell of attraction.

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