How to locate nearby Asteroids

Robotically costing little beyond time needed for some new settlers to gradually program well and oversee all needed for preparing and having sent out possibly many robotic loads to newly found asteroids, the investors group, responsible for the high orbiting settlements, decided it seemed extra useful to have this also done for new found even smaller significant asteroids sometimes nearing Earth's orbit, (if not safely too little to ever give any bad far future possible collision threat much beyond just a meteor flash or maybe at most a small meteorite splash into the ocean or a hopefully little damaging strike maybe into a farm or a building roof. As we can see some nights, little "shooting stars" meteorites loose surface layers, brightly vaporized falling into the atmosphere. And also they may be rather fragmented, much less harmful.)

But occasionally a significant possibly destructive asteroid crash into Earth occurs. In 1908 a maybe 50m asteroid exploded over the Tunguska region of Siberia with energy equivalent to 15 megatons of TNT. (Satellites to spot nuclear explosions detected hundreds of upper-atmosphere impacts by objects 1-10m across.)

Such robotic loads with microgridded communications cubes were prepared to wait ready with suitable robotic collections and good ion jets, to be sent to any asteroid newly detected by others, (such as by a new comet tail), swinging in deflected from well outside Mars' orbit. (It could then take months to reach it.) Such deflected asteroids can be more risky for knocking other asteroids between the Venus & Mars to become also deflected, to possibly in the future strike Earth.

Asteroid details were collected for several libraries around the world. Such accumulating libraries of ever more precise asteroids' orbits and natures were then kept available to any such as astronomers or space flight technicians wanting to have more such updated asteroid details. The investors let Earth folks know this Earth protective scheme had been originated by some living in the high settlements. This won some useful support by many for such settlements, including from some previously disliking them.

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