Muslim Bismillah Naqsh for Misfortune

This is a Muslim Bismillah Naqsh for Misfortune; this is like a Hindu Yantra, which makes use of some unique practices. This Naqsh is for those people who are experiencing hardships and large doses of misfortune in their lives. In this post, I will tell how to prepare this Yantra.

This Naqsh has to be prepared on a Thursday. It has to be written on a Blank Piece of Paper,  preferably White,  with Saffron [Ink], using a pointed wooden writing instrument.

After it has been prepared sweet smelling perfumes like, Rose and Amber have to be lightly applied to the Naqsh. Then it has to be offered Loban Dhoop for some time. After this, the word” Bismillah” has to be chanted 121 times.  This is a pledge normally taken by Muslims in the name of God.

An Islamic Naqsh to remove misfortune
Muslim Bismillah Naqsh for Misfortune
The Naqsh is ready for use. It has to be inserted in a Cloth Tabeez and tied around the neck as a Talisman. This Naqsh is said to show extremely positive results in a few days.

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